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We asked the Theorem Ladies what they’d like from the shop this Valentine’s Day, and compiled a list of their favorites to support guide your Valentine present providing.
Never be shy, quit in and ask your Theorem Budtender about customized suggestions for your unique somebody. We have a wide variety of cannabis present goods in stock, from bouquets of flowers, to assorted chocolates, and even stimulating topicals.

Happiest Self Spray Tincture &amp Beauty Sleep Tincture, Green Revolution:
When asked what they’d like from Theorem, various ladies talked about tinctures from Green Revolution for common effectively-becoming in the course of the day that can very easily be tucked in a purse, the Happiest Self Spray Tincture, and for pampering herself in the course of her nightly routine, the Beauty Sleep Tincture.
Packaged in a tiny, discreet spray bottle to make dosing uncomplicated and constant, the Happiest Self Spray consists of 100mg THC and 5mg CBG, a minor cannabinoid that can support market common effectively-becoming and a good outlook. It is also sugar-no cost, vegan, and consists of St. John’s Wort extract which is believed to market a good mood.
The Beauty Sleep Tincture, containing THC, CBD, and CBN, assists you unwind when it is time to go to bed CBN is a minor cannabinoid in cannabis that has been identified to support calm and soothe the user when employed in mixture with THC. This tincture is also a water-soluble beverage concentrate, which means you can mix it into water or yet another beverage and it will dissolve fully. Come take a appear at these tinctures and other folks from Green Revolution on Tuesdays to get 15% any tinctures bought!

1:1 Capsules, E and M Partners:
The theme of some thing tiny and discreet was a frequent 1 yet another item ladies wanted was the E and M Partners 1:1 Capsules. This capsules, offered as a 10-pack for $20, are vegan and include 10mg THC and 10mg CBD per capsule, generating for uncomplicated dosing on-the-go for a mood increase anytime. Theorem ladies get pleasure from the effects of 1:1 CBD goods all through the shop for the reason that although experiencing psychoactivity from THC, these goods permit 1 to practical experience the soothing, relaxing effects of CBD at the similar time. Theorem also carries THC and CBD-only capsules from E and M Partners for the similar cost of $20.

CBD Joysticks, Green Revolution
Produced with a biodegradable filter reminiscent of a cigarette filter, hemp-primarily based paper, terpene-wealthy flower, CO2 concentrate, and kief, the Joystick prerolls from 
Green Revolution give a flavorful, even-burning, and constant practical experience. At the moment, Theorem carries the higher CBD Joysticks, which normally have at least 20% CBD and significantly less than 1% THC. This item is well known with Theorem’s ladies for the reason that it supplies an practical experience related to smoking a cigarette, but delivers a dose of calming CBD. “I deserve a guilt-no cost, relaxing cigarette although out and about!” 

Appreciate Bundles, Dynamic Harvest
Containing three.5g of flower, 1g of kief, 7g of trim, papers, and a preroll, the Appreciate Bundles from 
Dynamic Harvest are surely well known with Theorem’s beautiful ladies. They are excited about this item for the reason that you get a tiny bit of almost everything in 1 present that is all wrapped up and prepared to go! With sativa, hybrid, and indica possibilities to decide on from with a handful of unique strains in every selection, there’s a plethora of experiences waiting in every bundle. Which includes some of Dynamic Harvest’s client favorites like the AK-47 and Fruity Pebbles, these bundles will score you just about half an ounce of flower for below $60, so come get 1 for your lady or gentleman just before they’re gone!

Raven Grass Concentrates:
A different preferred of the ladies at Theorem is the higher CBD concentrate blends from Raven Grass. These blends, with inventive names like Kokomo and Blueberry Moon which spend homage to the original strains they had been produced with, typically consist of a higher CBD strain and higher THC strain blended collectively. Theorem ladies all agree that these flavorful concentrates are extremely calming sativa-leaning blends have a tendency to support with creativity and productivity without having an abundance of power, and indica-leaning blends support to soothe and unwind the user. For 1 of Theorem’s girls, “these are the concentrates that got [her] into dabbing!” Come go to us on Waxy Wednesday to get acquire 1, get 1 half off all concentrates and attempt out the magic that is CBD Blends from Raven Grass!

Satisfied Valentine’s Day to you and yours, preserve spreading the really like!

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