Unlock the Secrets to Cannabis Digital Marketing


Did you know there is a way to run cannabis digital marketing for your organization? On the internet, without the need of worrying about your advertisements finding shut down, flagged, or removed? Properly, you can. And our guest, Christian Valdez is going to unlock these secrets to run advertisements and scale your on the net marketing.

Lastly! A protected location to run digital marketing for your organization, and drive outcomes!

In this episode, you will understand:

  • How to run digital marketing at scale
  • Tactics and guidelines to take into consideration when making campaigns
  • Inventive influence on an audience and the energy of A/B testing

Show Notes

Right now we have a good episode for you, specifically these who have been asking about what choices are obtainable for digital marketing.

Right now we’re speaking with Christian Valdez. Christian is a top executive in the programmatic marketing sector. He is the founder and CEO of Visitors Roots, a digital marketing network that is bringing digital marketing to the cannabis space. Christian brings top sector Ad network practical experience and methodologies to aid the cannabis brands and publications expand their digital marketing and advertising demands.

We know the challenges of cannabis digital marketing and advertising for corporations. Even CBD corporations have to deal with it. What choices exist for corporations? And how can these efforts be scaled? Visitors Roots delivers a platform for cannabis corporations to do just that. Understand how it performs, and how you can take benefit of it for your cannabis organization.

There are various guidelines for corporations to get began. From realizing your audience to understanding how to attain them. In addition, there are good guidelines for finding began with A/B testing.

Let’s speak about how you can incorporate digital marketing into your marketing and advertising technique.


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