Top 10 things You should KNOW About success


Working hard is the cost of entry to anything .

you know zero people that are successful that dont work their face off 

you know zero people now they may have money because mommy and daddy made money and gave it to them but people that actually built their own success 

you know zero people that have had success that did not put in obnoxious amount of work

 I believe anything ispossible right I live in the world of possibility and I also believe thatanything we can accomplish anything with our two hands and just putting in thework with our two hands and also you hear this often but its really really true if you love what you do and if I and bepassionate about what you do and find something that you could be passionateit really helps you know it gives you that motivation when you wake up in the morning.
.My work ethic and my desire to create comes from honestly passionI always have a goal and I always have a dream so whether it;s you know creatinga song that;s going to be a single or it  going to be an album that I am mostproud of or a really high note on my album that I really want to be able tosing or a grammy one day or a nomination one dayIt will be awesome.I always have passion behind it so whatever it takes .

I am gonna work hard and just continue to follow my dreams because I have the passion behind it.

So how do I find my passion my simple model which is the Dharma model it alsodharma means eternal duty in the Vedic tradition its very similar to what Ikigai has been spoken about today which is the Japanese version of reason forbeing why do we live where is meaning coming from and it talks about anintersect of four areas.  

What am I good at what do I love  what is the world need how do I get paid for it To me those four help you unlock your passion whenyou find the intersect across all of those four you a re making your passion your purpose you ;  unlock your passion you wll find your purpose this is pathone there is two paths path one I find my skill set and I engage it to help otherpeople and become better at it so I am becoming better what I am good at and  musing it to help other people because am aware of what I am quite good at and I know what knowledge I have what skills I have I have some self-awarenessthe other path that people often miss is actually I just start serving peopleI just start helping people and I start to notice what I enjoy about that and whatI am good at helping people with so thats Gandhis part Gandhi said that youfind yourself when you lose yourself in the service of others, so for me thoseare the two paths of how do I find my passion and finding the intersectbetween those four areas.People say you have to have a lot of passion forwhat you are doing and its totally true and the reason is because its sohard that if you dont any rational person would give up it & its really hardand you have to do it over a sustained period of time so if you dont love it if you are not having fun doing it you dont really love it you gonna give upand that ..

 what happens to most people actually if you really look atthat the ones that ended up being successful in the eyes ofsociety and the ones that didn't oftentimes it's the ones that aresuccessful loved what they did so they could persevere when itgot really tough and the ones that didn't love it quit because they're saneright? who would want to put up with thisstuff if you don't love it so it's a lot of hard work and it's a lot ofworrying constantly and if you don't love it you're gonna fail so you got tolove it you got to have passionMy three E's are element, environment and energyeveryone has an element that they thrive in if you take someone out of it theirelement they won't be the same a modern-day example will be MichaelJordan he was incredible at basketball you took him out of basketball put himinto baseball no one remembers his career we're talking about one of thebest athletes of all time, your environment is the environment around youyou can take a fish out of water and give it a beautiful mansion and a Bentley and allthe money in the world but it will die and that's what we are like our environmenteveryone is in an environment in which they thrive, which we have to craft, your bossif you're at work is never going to ask anyway what environment do you succeed in?like that never happens, so we have to create an environmentwhere we thrive and then finally it's energy, some of us love high energyenvironments, high pressure some of us succeed in lower energyenvironments and low pressure, figuring out your energy and the frequency onwhich you operate best will help you thrive as well so for me those are thethree E's to really create a thriving environment, know your element know yourenvironment and know your energy and so on all times if I see anything goingwrong I'm going is my element out of alignment is my environment out ofalignment or is my energy out of alignment that's a great three questiontest you can do to yourself when you don't think things are going right andall you have to do is bring that back into alignment.Jay my relationship's falling apartI get asked that all the time so the answer to that is muchharder it's harder to summarize it but I always start withself-actualization that the problem is we have a list for the one that we wantand we don't have a list for what we need to become and I don't mean becometo attract I mean become to just be to just get tounderstand yourself you don't know what you need in your life until you figureout who you are and so I find too many people rush into relationships withoutreally recognizing and being fully aware of what they need from a relationshipso it all comes back to how aware are you how much understanding do you have ofyourself and what you need and what you want that's my best advice forrelationship in like a minute and then the third question I mostly get asked isJay what do you read like what are your favorite books because it seems you reada lot what are your top three books they're not groundbreaking in the sensethat people may not be like oh that's the best book I've ever read for me theychanged my life so that's where I'm coming at a point fromI love Start with why by Simon Sinek and not because I applied it to businessesbecause I applied it to my life and even today I'm constantly refining my whythat's all I do every day my deepest morning routine and practice is torefine why I do what I do it's so easy for me to now do it for money it's soeasy for me to now do it for followers it's so easy for me to now do it forfame and every day I have to refine that because I know having lived as a monkand what I practiced and if does become what I want then I'll forget who I need to beso my daily practice my daily routine isrefining my intention which in modern language is why so for me Simon's bookhelped me do that.First and foremost what what I think everybody should do andeven I'm saying this actually I'm giving myself advice right now I'm just gettingmeta and stepping away from this interview, you need to do things thatmake you a little uncomfortable way too many people have made decisions withoutever trying, right so the punchline is thisHere's what I'll say on this little genres as we're jamming on it.You have one life like one of thegreat things that happened to me growing up was there was a lot of grandparentsthat visited I had a lot of kids in my neighborhood and for some unknown reasonI don't know if I'm an old soul or what it is I used to on the playground go andsit with old people and just talk to them and let metell you one thing about old people 80,90 the one thing that is stuck with me as achild and sits with me today is they regret, regret scares the crap out of me ElvisDo you have any regret right now? no but I'm forty so I feel like I can get alot of things done, I feel like a lot of things are still in frontof me but when you get to 80 and 90 and you can't do everything and you knowthat you don't have as much time with the one thing I see in so many of theireyes is I wish IThere's only one you. Because there's no one like youI don't mean the superfluous, superficial parts I'm talking about the core of youwho you are inside, your values your beliefs your flaws and once youunderstand who really that person is you would have taken the first stepin finding your unique self and that is the best version of you.Who am I really?Most often we don't allow ourselves the ability to dream beyond our imaginationwe don't allow ourselves to think about the future because we are afraid ofchange we are afraid to move away from what is familiareither that or sometimes you know we are too rigid to let our dreams evolveloosen up, shake it off a little bit change is the only constant thing in lifeand you are never too old or never to experienced to learn something newbelieve that you have everything already in your willto be able to be and achieve your dreams.Be fearless I know I wanted to become anaeronautical engineer, what am i today I'm an actor, I'm a singer, I'm an authorI'm a producer, I'm an artist how did I go from becoming an engineerto all of these things I made choices the choices that I wanted for myself sothat is my rule number twolet your dreams fly, give them wings,be who you want to bejust by being fearlessOpportunities, that's another importantpart of being fearless, they are a very funny thing, these opportunities theydon't come very often they come far and few in between but when they do do werecognize themOur job is to recognize them and make the most of themI look back on all the things that I've done and I marvel at the opportunities thatcame my way, Miss India, Miss World, when I was in bareilly in army schoolmy first film offer, my first music single the first film I actuallyproduced there was never a plan ever more like the universe sort of guidingme towards these opportunities all I had to do was recognize them and make sure Iworked so hard that I squeezed every drop out of these opportunitiesThis ladies and gentlemen is called drive it's called ambition so no matter whereyou are in life rule number three is you have never arrived enough to explore new opportunitiesAnd there's nothing wrong with being ambitiousYou will need tofind your passion, many of you have already done it many of you will latermany of you may take til your thirties or forties but don't give up on finding itbecause then all you're doing is waitingFind your passion and follow it and if there is anything I have learned in my life youwill not find that passion in thingsand you will not find that passionin money, because the more things and the moremoney you have the more you will just look around and use that as the metricand there will always be someone with moreso your passion must come from thethings that fuel you from the insideand honors and awards are nice things butonly to the extent that they regard the real respect from your peersand to be thought well of by other people that you think even more highlyof is a tremendous honor that I've been grantedfind your passion and in my experienceno matter what you do at work or what you do in official settingsthat passion will be grounded in people and it will be grounded in therelationships you have with people and what they think of youwhen your time comesand if you can gain the respect of thosearound you and the passion and true love and I have said this before but I wait edtill 39 to get married because 

I had to wait that long to find someone where herhappiness was more important than mine and if nothing else

 I hope that all of you can find that kind of passion and that kind of love in your life


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