The Week in Weed: February eight, 2019


Welcome back to The Week in Weed, your Friday appear at what’s taking place in the globe of legalized marijuana.

Let’s begin off this week’s post with some international news.  The Planet Wellness Organization is recommending that cannabis really should be removed as a controlled substance below international treaties.  The suggestions will come up for a vote in March of this year.

Banking for the cannabis sector is a subject we watch closely.  In California, it is been revealed that a credit union has surreptitiously (till now) been delivering economic solutions to a number of marijuana companies for the previous year.

Turning our focus to the Midwest, which does look to be the most up-to-date hotbed of cannabis activity, we obtain that Ohio healthcare marijuana sales have been extremely powerful.  Illinois is now enabling these prescribed opioids to acquire short-term certification for healthcare cannabis.  But one more indication that complete legalization is in the cards?

Following up on our Tennessee coverage, the legislature is now contemplating validating out-of-state healthcare marijuana cards for use in the Volunteer State.  And Arkansas has now licensed 32 healthcare cannabis dispensaries, with sales achievable by April.

New York looked as if it was on the verge of complete legalization, but that may well have changed.  Governor Cuomo’s price range does not include things like any extra income for law enforcement dealing with a new set of situations just after legalization.  We’ll maintain our eye on this circumstance, definitely.

And lastly, if you had to choose a stock ticker symbol for a cannabis corporation, could you do any much better than POT?



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