The Spider Mite war – No cost the Tree


Nature does items well… Investing in Predators

The Neem oil and Black soap mix is efficient against the adult mites but I’m not so certain about their eggs, and given that they can lay up to 20 of them a day, the adults are genuinely just the visible component of the iceberg.

That is exactly where investing in a predator is helpful, in our case we’re speaking about the Phytoseiulus Persimilis, which feeds exclusively on spidermites and their eggs ! 

The quantity of men and women you want to get will rely on the size of your infestation, on our finish with 500 we clearly beneath did it given that we had about six infested plants by the time they got right here.

As we point our in-depth write-up on spidermites, linked above, applying a round of neem oil &amp black soap mix a day prior to introducing the predators. 
In undertaking so you will lessen the quantity of pests drastically, and then the predators will swoop in to finish the rest of the adults and eggs that are nevertheless about.


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