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Ever wonder what it is like to get legal weed in Nevada and Cali? Personally I had to obtain..and what I discovered out was…

It is great! Actually like a dream come accurate! A potheads paradise! To inform you a tiny about it, I’m just going to answer the concerns I’ve been having right here at household like:

Exactly where did you get the weed?What did you get? How a lot did it price?

I purchased every thing from dispensaries. The 1st 1 that popped my cherry was Jenny’s in Las Vegas, Nevada. When you initially stroll in you give them your ID. An out of state ID is not an concern. When they confirm it is true you are asked to sit on the couch and wait a handful of minutes.

These handful of minutes I’ll never ever neglect. We currently know I’m not use to obtaining “legal” weed and generally this transaction is way additional secretively handled, you know?!?! Not to mention I had eaten some THC gummies on the plane ride more than a handful of hours earlier:

So when I’m sitting there waiting, I see a cop! And in my thoughts I’m pondering, “This is a set up!”

But then they referred to as my name and I stroll via the doors to the candy shop! It was as if the gates of heaven had just opened just before my eyes! They have every thing!!

On this, my 1st practical experience, I picked up some White Widow, Purple Trainwreck, six pre-rolls and some Space Ghost reside resin crystals:

All labeled telling you how a lot THC, CBD, who grew it, exactly where, when and so a lot additional! I enjoy that component, becoming in a position to know specifically all the facts about what your smoking.

The subsequent morning, vibrant and early, was time to ride out for Cali when smoking on some Vegas White Widow:

There I went my favourite of all the dispensaries, 1 Like Beach Club in Extended Beach, California. Exactly where I got some Beneath Dog:

OG Crumble:

Some pre-rolls:

And my absolute favourite this Intense-Lee reside resin cartridge:

I did go to a handful of other dispensaries exactly where I also picked up some Lucid Oils Dab Syrup , other weed strains, edibles and some shatter!

As for pricing and locating dispensaries in which ever components of Nevada or California you may well like to check out. I’ll say this, I spent on typical about $80 at every cease. What I did, becoming a tourist out of my element, was I created an account with GreenRush and utilized my personal promo code:

Which makes use of your place to inform you what’s in the region, exactly where are the offers and it took $20 off my initially order. I saved some money and time by ordering on the internet a handful of instances. Other instances, like my 1st time, I was just a stroll-in and I do suggest becoming a stroll-in a handful of instances as well due to the fact it is an practical experience that I completely loved!

The whole trip was lit! If you haven’t visited a recreational state however, you completely need to. It is so freeing of an practical experience and I just can not wait for everyone to legalize nationwide!


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