Stoners Guide to Halloweed Pumpkin Carving


Just 15 days till Halloweed!! Who’s excited?? Or much better however, who’s prepared to carve a pumpkin!?!? Or possibly even smoke it? Yeah…here’s every little thing you require, from stoney pumpkin carving stencils to my preferred instructional video on how to make a pumpkin bong and guidelines on maintaining that carved pumpkin fresh till Oct. 31st.

So just before you do something your going to require a pumpkin. When you got a single I’d smoke it just before I carve it, you know two birds a single stone! And for all you visual learners like me, here’s the most effective pumpkin bong how to video out there from the Smoke Cartel:

That was entertaining! OK now you got all the tough stuff accomplished, like gutting the pumpkin so lets carve! I do not know about you but I’m no artist and so the easiest way to carve a dope pumpkin is with a stencil. Here’s the a single I made use of final year:

Just suitable click view image, print it out, reduce it out and trace the image on your pumpkin with a pen or marker. Then you know the rest, carve it out!

Here’s a stencil I’m considering of working with this year:

Very same guidelines as with the cannabis leaf. Then I have a handful of inspirational ones I discovered on the internet like this 420 pumpkin:

Which appears fairly uncomplicated to just no cost hand getting lettering and all! Then I have the difficult a single exactly where your going to require to have some actual pumpkin carving abilities that I do not have and positive as hell can not teach you:

Want I knew who did it so I could give them credit..but this is a single of these more than shared pictures so the original supply is anyone’s guess. But it positive is a dope pumpkin carving job!

Then after you smoke it and carved it and are prepared to set it out to rot. Here’s a handful of guidelines on maintaining it fresher longer:

  1. Rinse out the pumpkin in water to get rid of any gunk.
  2. Fill a tub or big bucket with three gallons of water.
  3. Add three teaspoons of Clorox (bleach) to the water.
  4. Dunk your pumpkin is this mix.
  5. Then just let your pumpkin air dry.

This really should extend it is liveliness by a week or so! With that mentioned I hope you all have a killer Halloweed and I’d enjoy to see your pumpkin carvings, slide in my DM @smokette_ on Instagram or Twitter!


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