six Dank Stoner Valentine’s Day Gifts


Have to have a Valentine’s day present for your smokin’ sweetie this year? Smokin’ hot and smokin’ pot, that is. If so, you are in the appropriate location. Right here, we present Stoner Toolbox’s six finest gifts to give your Valentine this February. Irrespective of whether your sweetheart is a casual smoker or a weed connoisseur, they’ll be positive to appreciate these thoughtful things.


For the Valentine who deserves a sweet appreciate note, there’s nothing at all additional sincere than comparing your companion to great old Mary Jane.

Fantastic for the ‘chemistry student by day, ganja lover by night’ sweetheart, this necklace is a piece that is positive to get comments at the subsequent science division get-with each other.

For the inseparable pair, get this t-shirt set for you and your finest bud. Fantastic for festivals or costume parties, they’ll know how significantly you worth their presence.

Have an additional specific Valentine this year that deserves a tiny luxury? This vase-shaped bong will final longer than your stereotypical Valentine’s bouquet.

Want to add a tiny spice to your Valentine’s day this year? This weed-shaped vibrator will take issues up a notch with your companion. (We advise pairing with a fine wine or a freshly-wrapped blunt.)

This ring, produced from true marijuana resin, comes from the heart and may possibly be the excellent engagement piece for the thrifty and nontraditional stoner couple.


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