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Sunday, you have got the goods but you are out of rolling papers and all the shops are closed. You could go out and discover some, but it is far away, or charges a fortune. And it is not the 1st time, since like the rest of us, you generally obtain your rolling paper with your tobacco, or you obtain it in bulk. The issue with these techniques is that you under no circumstances genuinely know how numerous papers you have left. We’ve all been there and The Rolling Club is rolling out with a new option.

The Rolling Paper French Connection

Two French guys, Jerome and Jeremie, may possibly have located the great option. The Rolling Club is a month-to-month subscription service for premium rolling papers. I kid you not.

The Rolling Club

You choose how numerous 32-leaf packs you require each and every month (if you smoke one particular leaf a day, that is one particular pack a month), and get them delivered to your door with cost-free worldwide shipping. After you will get your 1st order (it could take up to a couple of weeks if you reside far away), the subsequent packages will be scheduled to arrive each month like clockwork from that 1st delivery date, no matter exactly where you are. No additional hassle, no additional pressure. Every single shipment is also carbon-neutral, assured by the French post.

French rolling paper corporations have left their mark on the world—think OCB, Zig Zag, RIZLA+ or Job. The club’s papers are also produced in France with 100% organic material, certified % GMO. Every single 32-leaf pack also comes with a couple of reduce-out filter recommendations to use in case of emergency. And the cherry on leading is that these skins expense significantly less than tobacconist costs!

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The Rolling Club Life-style Pro’s

The Rolling Club is also 100% committed to info privacy and will under no circumstances sell your individual information. With this in thoughts, rest assured that each order will be delivered in a discreet package.

The Rolling Club

It is tough to innovate in the globe of rolling paper—you cannot reinvent the wheel—but no one ever believed to transform the way we obtain it. Luckily, a 32-leaf pack only weights four to five grams, which is how Jerome and Jeremie supply cost-free worldwide shipping. The club will not only save you time and income, but also offers you a way to track your smoking habits, and can even assist you quit by lowering your subscribed quantity from one particular month to the subsequent.

The Rolling Club will quickly be opening its virtual doors. You can currently take a look at their site,, to sign up for an e-mail reminded just in time for launch. Join the club!

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