Record Maintaining for Marijuana Enterprises


Very good record maintaining is critical to making sure your marijuana business enterprise runs smoothly. Not only does it permit you to track your business’ progress and remain organized, it also aids your business enterprise stay in compliance, as some records are expected to be kept by law and can be topic to inspection by government officials.

In addition to sustaining economic records for accounting purposes, your business enterprise ought to also be maintaining the following for at least five years:

Personnel Records

Personnel records consist of: applications, documentation of coaching, efficiency testimonials and any disciplinary actions taken against an employee.

Taxes Paid

This involves documentation of all taxes paid to state and federal entities. You ought to also preserve documentation of all license costs paid to state and neighborhood jurisdictions.


All receipts from economic transactions created by your business enterprise will need to be kept, such as, but not restricted to: contributions, reimbursements, affordable compensation, and expenditures. In addition, if your business enterprise sells or transfers marijuana or marijuana items, you should retain the receipts, in addition to the corresponding electronic tracking inventory reference.

Inventory Records

These records ought to consist of: dates, amounts, and testing final results of all marijuana or marijuana items that is cultivated, developed, sold, or destroyed by your business enterprise. In addition, you ought to usually be tracking and recording the quantity of marijuana that is stored at your business enterprise. Marijuana ought to be tracked from seed to sale with several points of info as expected by regulations.

Transfer Logs

Transfer logs ought to consist of the quantity of marijuana solution transferred, the date of the transfer, in addition to the complete name of the individual(s) who is transferring and getting the marijuana solution.

Other Records

Other records that ought to be kept by your business enterprise consist of: transportation logs, upkeep/cleaning/sanitation logs, marketing approvals, packaging approvals, as effectively as a record of any inspections performed at your business enterprise. You ought to also usually preserve a visitor log, which involves the complete name of the visitor, the date and time of the go to, as effectively as the cause for the go to.

Fundamentally, any records relating to the marijuana or marijuana items or the operations of your business enterprise ought to be maintained and kept for five years.


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