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It has been specifically a single year considering the fact that we filmed Queens of the Stoned Age, the 1st unscripted show about females and cannabis. Queens of the Stoned Age was inspired by the magical connection amongst females and cannabis. Immediately after I hosted the 1st cannabis women’s circle in Venice, I was obsessed with the notion of turning the notion into a show for the planet to see. I approached Merry Jane and pitched the notion of bringing collectively female cannabis advocates to use cannabis collectively and speak about critical subjects like creativity, sexuality and overall health. Snoop Dogg had the precise similar notion and it was on rapid-track, so we decided to collaborate. With each other we created Queens of the Stoned Age and filmed 3 episodes in a single day with an all-female cast and crew. 

Even though the show was a rough “proof of notion” and we failed to represent all of the diverse voices in the market, we succeeded in displaying the planet what occurs when females use cannabis responsibly. In several strategies, the show is a metaphor for what is taking place in the market as females come collectively to set new requirements for leadership, overall health and happiness. 

Thank you to the cast, crew and Queens of the Stoned Age all more than the planet. Specific thanks to Cannabis Feminists Tara Acquino, Jenn Rovero, Lucy Jones, Janice Griffith, Jenna Haze, Esther Ku, Riley Reid, Jenna Sativa, Tiara Thomas, Samantha Urbani, Rachel Wolfson, Molly Peckler, Jacqueline Epcar, the Kaplan Twins, Madelyn Lance, Kelly Moon, Michelle Zauzig, Emily O’Brien, Mia Carucci, Milloux, Sarah McDaniel, Jackie Mostny, and Lauren Unger. 

You can watch the 1st 3 episodes beneath:


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