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True speak — is there something a lot more impressive than sitting down for a sesh and watching somebody completely roll a joint? It is like a mix amongst origami folding and sushi rolling and it is certainly mesmerizing. In particular when they add a tiny further flare, like a zig zag filter fold or fancy flourish at the finish. And the holy grail of all rolling arts? The cross joint, of course!

Nevertheless operating on it? Identical. (@wolfiecomedy)

Let’s take a step back, even though. For somebody like myself that is nonetheless mastering the fundamentals, beginning my sesh with a pre-roll is a godsend. If you haven’t heard this term prior to, a pre-roll or pre-rolled cone refers to paper and a filter that is been rolled up for you and is prepared to go.

If you are in a legal state, a pre-roll may well come complete of fresh ground cannabis, but for the objective of this post, we’re taking just paper and filter combo that you can order legally in any state as lengthy as you are more than 18.

Normally, pre-rolls come quite normal, like the classic tan Raw papers with a very simple filter on the finish. But now there’s a internet site out there that is completely altering the game. I not too long ago got introduced to Curated Flame, an on the internet purveyor of fancy papers and pre-rolls, including… wait for it… a pre-rolled cross joint!


There it is, in all it is glory &#x1f64f&#x1f3fb

Also identified as a “cross j”, “t joint” or “trifecta joint”, if you see a single of these out in the wild it is like spotting a unicorn. They’re ordinarily developed by master rollers, accurate artists of their crafts and reserved for exclusive smoke sessions with close good friends and cannabis enthusiasts. Curated Flame is definitely shaking points up by promoting expertly crafted pre-rolled cross joints, shipped ideal to your door and prepared to fill with your favored greenery. For all the specifics on these magical creations, discover a lot more Curated Flame’s pre-rolled cross joint right here. [LINK]

I also got the possibility to scope out a lot more of their shop, sampling the Rainbow colored pre-rolled cones, colored with organic pigments created from edible, tasteless hemp seed oil and completed with a super further gold colored tip at the finish.


See (but do not taste) the rainbow. These pre-rolls burn slow, smooth and with no harsh taste.

To leading it all off, I ordered a pack of the Blazy Susan pink rolling papers, best for practicing my joint artistry and for taking my talents to girls nights, tea parties, women’s rallies and a lot more — anyplace that a quite pink paper would be actually appreciated.


How cute are these?

And, I’m all about obtaining higher even though undertaking great. That is why I Adore that 10% of earnings at Curated Flame go to pick charities that rotate every year. Proper now donations will be going to:


So, prepared to score a cross joint — or any of the other wonderful pre-roll styles — accessible exclusively on Curated Flame (even though supporting some excellent causes)? Shop the Curated Flame Etsy retailer or web site and use code HEYHELLOHIGH for 10% off.

Are you a joint rolling professional, or just beginning to discover? &#x1f300 Let us know in the comments! &#x1f447&#x1f3fc

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