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In this post, we’ll go over some of the vital considerations involved in comparing cannabis seed-to-sale application and systems in order to support cannabis growers, processors, distributors, and retailers opt for the best ERP for their operation.

In today’s planet of information technologies, seed-to-sale application has develop into the nervous program of the vast majority of enterprise operations — specifically in the heavily regulated cannabis space.

Seed-to-sale application falls below a category of systems recognized as a cannabis ERP. ERP stands for enterprise resource management. Primarily these systems deliver the capability of tracking all elements of a enterprise such as provide chains, production, human sources, consumer service, accounting, and, of course, in the case of cannabis operations, seed-to-sale tracking and regulatory compliance.

Picking the suitable ERP is 1 of the most vital choices a cannabis entrepreneur will ever make more than the lifetime of their corporation.

Let’s take a appear at some of the most vital specifications of a cannabis-focused ERP, seed-to-sale tracking application, and cannabis regulatory compliance options.

Right here are some of the vital queries for which you need to be searching for answers as you undertake your search for the best seed-to-sale program for your cannabis-touching operation.

1. Who is involved in the improvement of the seed-to-sale program, and what are their previous experiences are their qualifications?

Ahead of you opt for a seed-to-sale program you need to develop into intimately familiar with the group that is creating and supporting the program and not just your friendly sales rep.

Who is the mastermind behind the program? What encounter do they have in creating ERP systems? What encounter do they have in cannabis operations? What are their previous successes/failures? Are there any safety limitations that could potentially shut down your cannabis enterprise? All these elements will give you a a great deal far better thought of who you are dealing with. Ask your sales rep for as a great deal facts as they are prepared to deliver on the folks involved in the improvement of the resolution.

Viridian Sciences seed-to-sale tracking program is the brainchild of ERP systems architect Justin Dufour. Dufour is a former grower and extract producer who operated a 10,000 sq ft Tier two operation in Washington State. In addition to getting best to bottom encounter in the cannabis cultivation and manufacturing, Justin Dufour is a really a titan in the improvement of ERP systems. He has created ERPs for the beer and alcohol brewing industries, the restaurant sector, state governments, multi-national banks, and a great deal far more.

Verify out this interview with Viridian Sciences’ Justin Dufour.

two. On what platform was the application constructed?

There are a couple various techniques to create a seed to sale program. A single is to customize an “off-the-shelf” ERP package. The other is to engineer a program from the ground up.

Quite a few seed-to-sale options providers do not really create a stand-alone item, but rather a customized version of a far more common ERP platform. They are far more of a service provider than an actual vendor. For this cause, these kinds of options will generally rely on the ongoing reliability and stability of the corporation behind the improvement and help of that platform.

Viridian Sciences cannabis ERP program has been created in partnership with a corporation named SAP. SAP is a multinational corporation primarily based in Germany which has more than 335,000 shoppers worldwide. Their ERPs make up the nervous systems of thousands of multi-million and billion-dollar corporations about the globe.

three. What is the program capable of?

Seed-to-sale tracking is only 1 aspect of the infrastructure of a competitive and thriving cannabis corporation. In order to run an effective operation, there are a lot of other systems that want to interface with the tracking program. Some of these involve finance, accounting, and invoicing systems, provide chain management, warehouse management, fulfillment, shipping and getting, sales and consumer connection management (CRM), advertising and marketing and marketing, point-of-buy systems, human sources, and, of course, compliance reporting.

The query is, are all of these systems contained inside a robust cannabis ERP? Or will you want to cobble collectively a collection of systems in order to deal with your company’s wants?

There are a lot of benefits to getting all of these systems rolled into 1 ERP resolution. These involve fewer vendors to deal with, no extract operate or application needed to interface disparate databases, probably less complicated to use, far more robust reporting, and a great deal far more.

In addition to delivering a planet-class seed-to-sale resolution, the mixture of Viridian Sciences technologies and SAP’s enterprise-scale encounter comes collectively in an all-in-1 resolution which consists of modules that seamlessly integrate all of these systems.

four. How are compliance and reporting handled?

Remaining in compliance and reporting to regulators is mission vital. Blunders can price a fortune and at times spell the finish of the road for a sloppy operation. The cannabis sector is 1 of the most hugely regulated in the planet, even far more so than pharmaceuticals, alcohol, and tobacco. Regulations are a patchwork of hugely complicated federal, state, and regional regulations.

Are the seed-to-sales systems that you are reviewing actual compliance systems? In other words, do they enable you to go out of compliance? If so, it is not a accurate compliance program. Additionally, how does the vendor integrate its resolution into state regulatory systems? How do they preserve track of altering regulations?

Viridian Sciences has a compact army of authorities whose sole goal is to preserve our program up to date on existing regulations at all levels of government so you do not have to. And they are developed particularly to warn an operator if the activity getting documented is out of compliance.

five. Who is at present applying the program?

Is the program that you are taking into consideration established in the field? How lots of businesses are applying the program to run their operations? Or will your corporation be the proving ground for the program? Ideally, you want to rely upon a program that is out there in the field and getting utilized by thriving operations the identical size and kind as yours.

Viridian Sciences is the nervous program at the center of cannabis businesses compact and significant. A single of these is four Front Holdings LLC, a enormous, speedily expanding cannabis corporation with operations in 4 States, operating eleven Dispensaries and 3 cultivation and processing facilities. On the other finish of the spectrum, Viridian Sciences is utilised by Be Type Production, a fresh commence-up cultivator in the heart of California’s Bay Region. Ask about our scores of other shoppers.

What ever program you opt for, preserve in thoughts that you will be operating with it for lots of years to come. Make certain that the program is created by the most certified and talented folks in the space, that it runs on a globally supported platform, that it offers an integrated resolution for all your information wants, that it tends to make compliance straightforward, and is it getting utilised by thriving operations of the identical kind and size as the corporation you are hoping to create.

For far more facts on Viridian Sciences cannabis seed-to-sale application sign up to attend 1 of our free of charge reside webinars. 

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