My Saber Vape Pen for Wax Review: Here’s What I Really Think!


My Saber Vape Pen for Wax Review: Here’s What I Really Think!

The Saber Vape Pen for Wax from NY Vape Shop is a sturdy concentrate pen albeit with some minor flaws. With its long battery life and affordable price tag ($44.99 with free shipping in the US), we give the Saber Vape 3.0 stars.

The Saber Vape Kit comes with: the vaporizer, dual quartz rod coil, ceramic donut coil, a dab tool, and a magnetic charger. Pretty standard vape kit overall.

The features include variable voltage, 650 mAh battery, magnetic connections (more on this later), and auto-heat.

Hey this is Phil from Red Eye Chronicle and I’ll be reviewing the Saber Vape from NY Vape Shop. As a disclosure, I will tell you that NY Vape sent me this unit for free but that in no way influenced the way I’ve chosen to review it. 

If you’re like me, you don’t just want to smoke your concentrates at home. While dabbing is my favorite way to smoke oil, I certainly haven’t been able to find a great way to dab on the go. Enter the vape pen.

I have been using a variety of pens over the last 5 or 6 years so I like to think my reviews on pens come from a place of knowledge. I’d say we are basically the Wirecutter of weed shit over here at Red Eye Chronicle. I’ve used at least 40 types of battery and coils on all sorts of reefer products, from wax to shatter to crumble.

Overall, I think the Saber is a pretty good deal at $44.99 (with free shipping at the time I wrote this, check to confirm it still does). The performance is as good as many other coil-style vapes, which is not the cream of the crop but serviceable on a daily basis.

Saber vape for wax features

Notable Features on the Saber dab pen:

  • Compatible with wax, oil, and shatter
  • Coil Selection: Quartz-titanium (on-demand heat, big clouds) and Ceramic coil (rich flavor, cooler vapor)
  • Resin mouthpiece with splash screen – no scalding-hot sputters
  • 3 temperature levels: green= 300°F, blue = 390°F, and red = 480°F
  • Auto-heat feature makes getting a nice hit very easy without holding the button

Vape pens don’t require a ton of features to give you a good time so these are right on point.

Right off the bat, one of the things I liked about using the Saber was the nice glass tip at the top of the unit. My daily driver vape is a shitty metal-tipped one from China that doesn’t feel great on your lips. Although, you can see that the Saber does get a little dirty and particularly it’ll get some lint over time hanging around in your pocket.

I also thought that the Saber has a really nice long battery life and seems like a quality battery. I tend to buy Chinese batteries that are all over the map and usually with much more capacity than 650 mAh and they rarely last as long as the Saber.

Some quirks about the unit are that the magnetic connection is whack. There are all sorts of issues with it, from being unstable to not being compatible with other cartridges.

The auto-heat feature is pretty dope. You press the button twice quickly and it heats up for the full length of the coil without holding the button down. I use this feature often because a lot of time you need to get it good and hot before it will give you a good hit. I don’t think this problem is unique to this pen, I find all of these coil-type pens function like this.

One of the other quirks that really bothered me about this pen is the magnetic connection. This is basically the entire reason I knocked points on this pen, besides the chintzy hits. First, since the magnetic connection is unique, the battery only supports a single type of cartridge. The shitty Chinese batteries have eGo connections which fit basically any type of atomizer and make switching between coils and pre-filled oil carts super easy.

The other issue with the magnetic connection is shown above. The connection is sort of loose and unstable so it rocks all the time when you’re going to hit it. If you hold it just right by the battery, this is minimized but it generally feels sort of janky due to this.

As you can see here on the right, I definitely put the pen through its paces to make sure I was properly reviewing it. One of the features that was both a positive and negative is the splatter screen. While I appreciated it keeping and wax from spitting out of the tip, it started to get very nasty over a couple weeks. I tend to load my pen with a few hits worth in the morning before work to get me through the morning. So, when you are heating it up there can be a decent little bit of spatter. 

The fine mesh in the screen really took that in and became a bit clogged. This made the hits tougher to get until I was able to clean the pen out. While this is not a huge deal, it is a little bit of a task to get it really properly cleaned.

This was still about a week before I cleaned the screen and it was basically half clogged at this point. You can see how the oil is filling up those very small screen openings. 

So while the screen is helpful for sure, it can be something that adds a little work to your vaping experience a couple times a month. That being said, I don’t think it’s a feature I’d remove.

Performance and Vapor Quality of the Saber Vape

Overall I believe the pen was just average, but I think it’s very common for these types of pens. Very rarely am I able to get a really thick or full feeling hit. When I’m using pre-filled oil cartridges, you can get a nice cloud and I don’t achieve the same result with coils. That being said, I do find that these get me high more comparable to a dab than most cartridges. But, if you are getting a nice distillate cartridge of some 85%+ fuego then that is always the way to go. You do get a nice tasty flavorful hit of concentrates though with these style coils, whereas pre-filled carts can taste a little too terpene enhanced. I use this pen daily so the hits aren’t bad, just not the best case.

I only used the ceramic coil a couple times and the hits were very flavorful, which I enjoyed. But, the issue of not getting a full-feeling hit was exacerbated even more.

saber Vape pros and cons


  • Great price at $44.99 with free shipping
  • Long lasting battery
  • Glass tip
  • Great variable heating temps
  • Sleek design
  • Auto-heat feature


  • The magnetic connection feels janky
  • Hits are just average
  • Screen can get a little clogged

saber Vape final thoughts

Despite some minor flaws, I think the pen is overall better than many that I’ve used. It’s very discreet and stylish looking which I appreciate for carrying in public. It’s absolutely an upgrade of cheap Chinese pens I’ve bought from eBay and worth the price of admission. Make sure to check out NY Vape Shop if you’d like to pick one up


 3 out of 5 stars

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