My Cannabis and Bi-Polar Life Element two by Jason Rice


They (The Method)…tolerate my life style and let me to function to do what I appreciate carrying out devoid of let or hindrance – however regardless of whether they recognize and are empathic is nevertheless debatable. Now, fortunately, there is a partnership, functioning collectively with speaking and cooperation, and a Private Healthcare Preference Document.

Cannabis is a misunderstood medicine and these who criticize are these who do not know how it can be applied as an assistant and holistic tool to heal mankind and the planet. They have not study Jack Herer’s seminal book The Emperor Wears No Garments or the other myriad of tomes that present data on the topic of cannabis/marijuana. There is sufficient constructive tips to quell the most crucial of diatribes. Even the Every day Mail is now operating a handful of constructive cannabis oil stories.

All the books I’ve got in my collection are a testimony to what the plant is all about, from Lester Grinspoon ‘Reconsidering Marijuana’ to Howard Marks’ Mr Good, Ed Rosenthal and Jorge Cervantes all extol the numerous virtues of this wondrous plant. As nicely as other media like music from Reggae to Jazz to Mendo Dope and Comic Books like Fat Freddy’s Cat.

My complications happen when I am stressed and this ordinarily manifests itself as bi-polar, with bouts of occasional depression but primarily manic episodes. Stressors come in numerous types (as does cannabis) and this I have learnt to use to assistance me cope with day to day routines. Staying in a constructive frame of thoughts is paramount, but society, it appears, is made to get you down. Cannabis assists a lot with remaining upbeat.

Flashbacks (most likely due to LSD usage, if I am sincere), becoming argumentative, impulsive, reckless and restless and rushing about are some of the traits when ill. There is a compounded stress that builds up and desires a release the valve to cope with life is cannabis. It relieves the tension and despondency, tends to make me significantly less anxious and calms the most intense ‘trippy highs’. I do not see the unfavorable factors that are taking place to me till it is as well late. There is tiny acceptance on my behalf till I get the assistance I want soon after an episode. Hospitalization signifies no cannabis and drug tests to be clean of any narcotics, but as cannabis is non-addictive it is no trouble providing up! Even so, due to heavy usage, THC stays in your program for a month and becoming psychotic is spacey, edgy and scary! It is no enjoyable, but you do get far better!

‘Nowhere in the planet has cannabis been associated to an raise of schizophrenia,’ this is according to Professor David Nutt, even although there has been a 20-fold raise in persons working with cannabis. A bit of sense attempting to answer the cannabis worriers as the Method cites and operates a Moral Panic! Once more! My parents fall into this category as the mental wellness taboo sets in.

But I will not say that the illness is controlled by just cannabis. THEY (wellness care experts) do not interfere unless there is an situation and I am a danger to myself. I am helped by a standard upkeep dose of an anti-psychotic medication that assists me remain on an even keel (for far better or worse). This medication impacts Dopamine, the neurotransmitter and assists to suppress the level which consequently has an effect on my happiness, considerably to my consternation.

Because I was 21 years old I have had at least six incidents exactly where I have been hospitalized and I have had to rebuild my life and ‘reboot my robot’. No effortless job. This has been due to homelessness and bereavement, to name but two catalysts into illness, however stressors can consist of the Media or emotional difficulties. Paranoia and the threat of receiving busted are usually place at the back of my thoughts. The Laws relating to illicit drugs are detrimental to one’s wellness and life style as they exacerbate tension.

I have often had a constructive and realistic view of cannabis, regardless of whether it is hash or ganja, considering the fact that my early teens and have realized that the plant has numerous agreeable elements that have to be accepted by society. The constructive outweighs the unfavorable. It assists me cope with life in the 21st century. It gives gentle assistance to help the physique to get a all-natural homeostasis and balance.

Cannabis plants can be grown effortlessly with tiny work and can be traded with no funds altering hands and this can offer free of charge medicine and fuel for all. When you look at that most plastics created from hemp/cannabis are capable to be created biodegradable as well, as opposed the petrochemical solutions that are so insidious on the planet, it is effortless to see how the plant is an anti-capitalist dream and a nightmare for the program to deal with. Very basically, it epitomizes what can be ideal in society and gives a actually green and eco-friendly path. My Carbon-Footprint is negligible as I do not have a vehicle and I make use of public transport.

Cannabis truly is a separate situation. Cannabis is medicine and so considerably additional to me and numerous others…

We all have an EDS (endocannabinoid program) found in 1990 and this assists to regulate the physique and encourage homeostasis (a balance of the body’s internal atmosphere). CB1 and CB2 receptors in the brain are straight impacted by THC (Delta9) and CBD cannabinoids as nicely as other phyto-cannabinoids present in cannabis. THC turns on neuro-transmitters and CBD turns them off (THC becoming psychoactive).

When dealing with officials of the State in all situations it is vital to ask the ideal concerns and give constructive and constructive answers and these want to be understood by each parties. Interrogation is not wanted Presumptuousness is not tolerated and becoming moralistic is no answer either. Do not let morals get in the way of carrying out what is ideal and right – The Law enforcement has often been more than zealous when dealing with the Cannabis customer in the previous, but it is a lot far better now in 2018 than when I initial had a joint of Lebanese hash when I was about 15 years old in the early 1980’s. Points have changed mainly for the far better, but nevertheless persons are receiving busted! Becoming branded and treated a criminal does practically nothing for one’s self self-confidence, character or job prospects and regularly becoming stigmatized is nevertheless an situation as well.

No a single desires to be ill, no one desires to do anything to exacerbate the trouble and I do not see my canna usage as an situation – it is a life style decision that is not addictive but is pleasurable and good to repeat-more than and more than. It is sociable and no a single has ever died solely from it. It breaks down barriers…it builds communities and assists society positively when taxed and regulated, as espoused by the US recreational marijuana States, as opposed to alcoholic intoxicants which result in big social difficulties and ills. The clue there is toxic!

Sativa and Indica play a function in my routine. The latter applied predominately at evening to help rest and to switch off the thoughts. Sativas are treated with caution unless the range is not as well higher in THC but I also like a dab or pure joint with Shortbread biscuits assisting me as a medible as well. I medicate to regulate. These have been balanced with spells of self-imposed abstinence, but I choose cannabis as an help in my life, as nicely as getting a sense of humor!

Good friends reassure, information reinforce and time heals. No a single has a guide book for life to stick to and often I have fallen by the wayside. A lot of good friends have not created it this far. I know only to choose myself up, dust myself down and carry on, as life is not a rehearsal. I know myself far better than any one. Mindfulness is the essential to bear in mind that we are living in the right here and now.

Yoga and Tai Chi have helped in the previous as has massage and Holistic therapy courses but it is maintaining up these life affirming rituals and time honored and tested procedures that can prove difficult – factors take place and occasions transform, taking the ideal bits and studying as a single goes by way of from age to age is component of the essential. Don’t forget: there had been keys ahead of there had been locks.

Watching cannabis develop and the really aspect of nature carrying out what nature does ideal is an additional component of the essential and not rushing into something unknown is vital. You can’t place old potheads on young shoulders and the really aspect of creating life affirming possibilities is a maze of contradictions and naive complexities which stay a trouble all through life. Cycles and circles move in ebbs and flows- what goes round comes round. From generation to generation, we are losing touch with ourselves.

Regret is a feeling that I do not have and I’ve often believed of experiences as a character developing variety situation. Avoiding stressors are the most important points I have to bear in mind and I have to program a bit to make factors go smoothly. Even although unexpected situations have a tendency to mar an occasion, I attempt to stay upbeat and constructive when I can. Guilt is imaginary.

Feeling and becoming laidback is an all vital aspect of my life and I attempt to be stoned for the most component. This incorporates holidays and breaks away exactly where I can have a chilled out smoke to make me really feel so considerably additional relaxed. I also take CBD oil as a day-to-day supplement. I come across solace in cannabis/ marijuana in its numerous types, as do numerous other accountable UK Citizens. I really feel disenfranchised and want to assistance a considerably beleaguered and fractious society, not hinder it!

I want to be component of the answer and not be observed as a trouble in my Neighborhood!

I have a duty to myself and household as nicely as my Overall health Care Pros and Law Enforcement who have to choose up the pieces when I am ill. Even so, I like to celebrate life by way of good friends and household with fantastic meals and music and getting memories of the counter culture. These all outweigh the unfavorable episodes peppering my early twenties and later life.

I appear for cannabis inspiration and by way of introspection have fond recollections and memories of Howard Marks and Franco Loja and a liking for fantastic comedy such as Bill Hicks, Cheech and Chong and Groucho Marx I appreciate music from Zappa and Beefheart to Hip-Hop, rave and the Dance scene, as nicely as attending Festivals in the previous like Glastonbury and the Large Green Gathering. Even so, the counter-culture desires a re-believe, I think. Legalization desires to be credible, workable and fair.

A appear back at the Hashishins, Crowley and Gurdjieff as nicely as revealing hidden truths is a possibility for the way forward, and a want for a Repeal of the 1971 Misuse of Drugs Act, creating Legalization and the Freedom to Farm a reality for future generations to come. Reversing worldwide warming and assisting to heal the planet with cannabis/ marijuana a actual possibility!

The cannabis/ marijuana scene desires a revisionist bit of reflection as nicely as educating of the masses by listening to A Child’s Garden of Grass- a pre-legalization comedy! from back in the day, about 1970, but re-released in 2003 by Electra Entertainment. A classic stoner parody complete of residence truths and realities about ‘grass’ which is spot on. It is all an education- with life-lengthy studying!

Now we can appreciate Spannabis and Item Earth UK and comparable Trade Fairs which spread a constructive vibe and add to the cannabis life style for all…with Mila Jansen, the Hash Queen major the way for the constructive cannabis/ marijuana Green Revolution to continue, with equality for all!

Via constructive diversity &amp celebration – Peace, pot &amp prosperity!  


From the HOT-VW- (Heads of the Valleys Wales).

By Jason Rice        

Initially published in Weed Globe Magazine situation 138


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