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Medical Marijuana – Countless Benefits with low Side Effect – Why is it still illegal?

First of all, medical marijuana or better known as medicinal cannabis is in use for thousands of years. Since the 1920’s prohibited, even many cultures use it as a medicine. The use of marijuana has not been tested nor analyzed well. Because of restrictions and regulations, scientists stayed away for decades.

In recent years, governments all over the world have finally relaxed the cannabis legislation. Therefore, more and more professionals have rediscovered this magical plant. Medicinal marijuana got countless benefits.

We will talk about the legality of cannabis. First of all, we should clarify the differences between marijuana, cannabis, and hemp.

What is Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is a synonym for cannabis. The cannabis plant is a genus of flowering plant in the family Cannabaceae. Most noteworthy, cannabis got countless varieties. Probably the 3 main species recognized are Cannabis sativa, Cannabis indica, and Cannabis ruderalis.








A: Cannabis sativa

Sativa strains, the industrial product source. Fast and tall growing. It’s of great commercial use. Fiber, food, seed oil. Paper, textiles, biodegradable plastics. Even paint, insulation, or biofuel, are main applications. Cultivated for industrial use, we typically call it Hemp or industrial hemp. Yet sativa varieties do also contain high levels of Cannabinoids (CBG, CBD and or THC).

B: Cannabis indica

Indica strains, the deuced source for marijuana. Small growing with broadleafs. Mainly cultivated to gain charas, a form of hashish. Indica is richer on cannabidiol (THC & CBD). Therefore, it tends to make you more “stoned”. Due to the illegal cultivation and use of the plant, the community became creative. People started to call it “Marijuana”, “Ganja”, “Pot” or “Weed”. Finally it’s all the same. It’s cannabis.

B: Cannabis ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is a low-THC species. Native to Eastern Europe. It grows very small.

What you need to know about Medicinal Marijuana

Medical marijuana refers to drug treatments. A therapy that uses marijuana extracts. Cannabis plants have cannabinoid content. Cannabinoids do reduce discomfort from illnesses. They even reduce the side effect of some other medical treatments. Over time it has been proven to be useful. Helping patients with several medical conditions.

Medical use of cannabis predates modern civilization. The earliest recording was in the fifteenth century before Christ. The first reports came from Chinese. Prior to that, the Egyptians took it for eye condition treatments. While the Indians used it as an anesthetic. Romans and even Greeks were cultivating cannabis extensively. Seeing marijuana as a medicine. It has been around for a very long time. Important to note, that compelling medical research on the use and effectiveness of it as a drug. Therefore it is still limited. Especially in tracking long-term effects. Among some age groups and pregnant women, the effects are not approved at all.

Cannabinoids – The Magic Elements of the Cannabis Plant

organic medical cannabis by mountaingrades

Medical marijuana is basically the same as the one taken for recreational purposes. Usually, the medicine is prescribed. The cannabis plant contains chemicals called cannabinoids. The following three cannabinoids became very popular as a medicine:








1. Delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)


2. Cannabidiol (CBD)


3. Cannabigerol (CBG)


Scientific research has shown that each cannabinoid is differently useful. THC content can make you high. While useful for relieving pain. Furthermore, THC is stimulating appetite and relaxing muscles. CBD is responsible for its effect on seizures. It is an antidepressant. Much as its relieving pain and inflammation. CBG is new to the market and not yet tested. But CBG looks like it could become the most important cannabinoid so far.

The Use of Medicinal Marijuana

Marijuana is recommended by doctors. Patients benefit from cannabinoids. Medicinal cannabis can reduce nausea and vomiting during chemotherapy. Studies have proven benefits for cancer patients. Furthermore, it can improve appetite and strengthen your own body defense system. Therefore, medical cannabis is needed by people with HIV or AIDS. Great results are also shown by reducing chronic pain. Even muscle spasms can be reduced.

The use of medical marijuana is still controversial. Some organizations want to exterminate all cannabis plants. As well as cannabis-related products. Others, like the American Academy of Pediatrics, asking for the legalization of medical marijuana.

What are the Benefits of Medical Marijuana?

mg green indica medical marijuana strain

Scientific research on medical marijuana has shown that it is effective in the treatment of different conditions. Synthetic versions were approved by the FDA. Mainly for treating nausea in AIDS patients. A Swiss review reported its effectiveness for a similar case in cancer patients. Although the research did not show how it works when inhaled. Long-term effects are still not studied. That’s kind of the major gap. For nerve pain relief and controlling muscle spasms, it evidenced an alternative treatment. Therefore, very interesting for multiple sclerosis patients. Although with a caseless convincing as with nausea. Still no solid evidence with smoked marijuana.

How to use Medical Marijuana?

A majority of medical marijuana users tend to use it for relieving pain. Scientific research shows a very little effect. Rather it may increase the tolerance of the patients. Not affecting the actual pain intensity. Besides these, it is used as a treatment for some other ailments. Of course, more research is needed to figure out safe ways and reduce complications. For example against the harmful effects on the lungs when smoked. Some more treatments include reducing seizures in epilepsy. Finally improving the health of patients with Chron’s diseases.

So far, patients have been noted to improve during use. Some experience relapse with discontinuity. There are great results on inhibiting growth and spread of cancer cells. Furthermore, it can reduce tremors related to Parkinson’s disease. Medical marijuana showed great benefits on Alzheimer’s disease. Same as on anxiety disorders and PTSD. It is great for weight loss. Experts are anxious as to what their study will reveal. So far its effectiveness on cases of Lupus and Glaucoma is low.

Why should Medical Marijuana be illegal?

Honestly? There is no reason why medical marijuana should be illegal. Let’s face it:
1. Thousands of other plants (f.e. mushrooms, berry) have narcotic effects. So why is only cannabis illegal?
2. The powerful lobby of the pharmaceutical companies has no interest in natural remedies. The question is why?
3. Does alcohol have a healing effect? Not at all!
4. Does THC make you addicted? No!
Facts and figures showing no reason to keep it illegal. In our opinion, you must be a lobbyist or a drug dealer. Otherwise, you have no arguments, why medical marijuana should be illegal.

Why Should Medical Marijuana be Legal?

Not all countries have legalized the use of medical marijuana. At least not as a safe treatment. Just about eighteen countries have friendly laws. Others are opening up rather slowly. The FDA still classifies it a federally illegal drug (Schedule I classification). However, in cases of use a license and medical recommendation is mandatory. In each US state where it is legalized, the extent of restrictions put on its use varies. The same for its availability and dispense outlets.

Administered in different forms, medical marijuana comes as female flowers (buds). That’s the most effective way of using cannabinoids. Others like marijuana liquids. Cannabutter became very popular for fooders. Marijuana Oil is the most common extract. Buy female Marijuana Buds if you like to smoke cannabinoid. Note, you can also use a Vaporizer to vape dried weed. Buy Marijuana Tea rich in CBD to drink it. Consumers who prefer cannabidiol drops take CBG Hemp Oil. All available on Same day delivery is provided by their Swiss courier service.

What are the Side Effects of Medicinal Marijuana

WHO very recently cleared medical marijuana safe from risks of addiction. When taken in the prescribed therapeutic quantities nonetheless. Advising regulations on its use. Purported its preliminary evidence in treating medical conditions. Medical marijuana products and guides are ready. Consequently all available the year-round at These guys operate under the legality of Swiss laws. Furthermore, they taking special care to provide cannabidiol rich marijuana strains.

Short-term use increases the risk of both, minor and major adverse effects. Common side effects include dizziness and feeling tired. Furthermore, vomiting and hallucinations can occur. Long-term effects are not clear. Concerns include memory and cognition problems. The risk of addiction is cleared. Schizophrenia can harm young people. Most important, make sure children don’t take it by accident.

How to Grow Medical Marijuana myself?

Medical marijuana plants require its conditions to thrive. The quality of air, light, and temperature. The right humidity is very important. These conditions vary with growth stages during the life cycle. Two types of growth applied to medical marijuana: the indoor and outdoor growth. Both used here at Mountain Grades.

Choosing a technique for growing is up to your taste. Marijuana growers perform the task of understanding the climatic conditions. Provide the perfect environment. Extremities and alterations. The use and therefore the gender of the intended plant. To grow female cannabis buds you have to avoid male plants. You can harvest males earlier. You can use feminized marijuana seeds as well. Outdoor growing is great for Hemp Seeds. Do you want high-quality medicinal indica strains? Then grow it indoors! Just use seeds from 100% organically grown plants. Available online, in the seed section of your Swiss Cannabinoid Shop. Most noteworthy, specifications and lab reports are provided.

Where Can I Legally Buy Medical Marijuana?

Indoor you can regulate the important climatic conditions. Air ventilation and circulation is important in this method. You can prevent unfortunate situations like mildew and mold growth. Get higher temperatures and high humidity. Indoor control is easier than outdoor. By using intake and outtake fans, you perform complementary functions. Automatically operated dehumidifiers and humidifiers can regulate the room’s humidity. Humidity is a critical condition for growth at any stage of the plant’s life cycle. The eventual gender of the plants is determined by the climatic conditions during growth. Therefore, the right conditions produce female plants. While cooler temperatures produce male plants. With the outdoor method, the seeds get slowly introduced to external conditions. The plant will nicely acclimatize.

Grow rooms are expensive. The cultivation of good quality marijuana is not easy. Therefore, most people intend to buy finished products. The guys from offer a wide selection of Cannabinoids. Buy medical marijuana online. Get female CBD buds do smoke. If you prefer liquids, get Hemp Oil Drops. Or how about a delicious Marijuana Tea? This website provides more information. How to brew your own marijuana tea? Finally, there is a simple Marijuana Tea Recipe as well.


If you are looking to grow or use medical marijuana, is the right place. Go for your products and get advice from the Cannabis Wiki. In conclusion, consuming cannabinoids is a matter of trust. Therefore you should make sure, to buy legal and organically grown medical marijuana only.

Please share your thoughts about medical marijuana and leave a comment below. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Medical Marijuana Benefits & Side Effects

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