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Can Marijuana Boost Your Sex Life? 

With Valentine’s Day about the corner and additional states with legal Cannabis than ever prior to, quite a few are questioning if this wonder drug can spice up their plans for the most romantic evening of the year. But can consuming marijuana essentially boost the high-quality of your sex life? 

Ask any person from the Cannabis business and the answer will be a resounding, ‘YES’. Thanks to the recognition of marijuana a quantity of providers have introduced strains and edibles to boost sex. The most popular sex goods to emerge with legalization are Cannabis infused lubricants generally created from Cannabis infused coconut oils that claim to boost sensation and arousal in females. But do these goods function? Let’s examine the connection among Sex and Marijuana.

Examining the connection among Marijuana and Sex.

Thanks to Marijuana getting a Schedule 1 substance in the US, nearly all study on the effects of the plant is prohibited. Having said that with legalization of the herb in 31 states and the district of Columbia, researchers have ultimately been capable to study the effects of marijuana specifically how it relates to Sexual arousal. 

According to a research study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine (JSM), entitled the Association In between Marijuana Use and Sexual Frequency in the United States: A Population-Primarily based Study, whose purpose was to , “To elucidate irrespective of whether a relation among marijuana use and sexual frequency exists making use of a nationally representative sample of reproductive-age guys and females.” With a sample size of 28176 females and 22943 guys who have been surveyed by the CDC by way of a questionnaire, they concluded that, “Marijuana use is independently related with elevated sexual frequency and does not seem to impair sexual function.” In truth, everyday customers across all demographic groups reported getting 20% additional sex than these who have never ever utilised cannabis.

An additional study published by the JSM to establish if marijuana use prior to sex impacts the sexual encounter, by how considerably, and which domains of sexual function are impacted identified that consumption of tiny quantities of marijuana prior to sex might raise libido in female sufferers. Physicians think this might be due to the brief term anxiousness minimizing effects of Cannabis. Poor libido is straight linked to anxiety and anxiousness and Cannabis can enable preserve you calm as a result enhancing sexual function.

But though the study indicates that tiny amounts of Cannabis can raise sexual arousal does this imply that Cannabis enhances sex? 

Marijuana and Erectile Dysfunction . 

Though no conclusive proof exists to recommend that marijuana can result in erectile dysfunction a couple of research have shown a correlation among the two. A review published in the Journal of Sexual medicine identified that standard consumption of marijuana might raise the danger of erectile dysfunction. The study was carried out on animals to establish how marijuana impacts sexual overall health. The study identified that Cannabis has an inhibitory impact on particular receptors inside the erectile tissue of the penis. Due to ethical and legal motives nonetheless such a study has never ever been essentially carried out on humans so its tricky to presume if the findings of this study hold ground or not. 

Precautions to take when making use of marijuana as a sex help

It is vital to keep in mind that not absolutely everyone experiences Cannabis in the identical way, so precautions really should be taken when intending to use this drug for this goal. 

Get started Small 

Marijuana in tiny quantities causes elevated sensations of pleasure but considering that everyone’s tolerance is various stick to smoking just adequate till you really feel a slight buzz. 

Do not Experiment 

Do not be as well adventurous the evening when you and your companion get higher. Stick to the standard routine. It is vital to get acquainted to the higher prior to you go experimenting with various scenarios. 

Be cautious of edibles

Smoking a spliff operates most effective as the higher from smoking is close to instantaneous. Whereas with edibles you do not know how potent they could be and they could hit you when it is least anticipated. 

Use lots of lube 

Marijuana is infamous for ‘Cotton Mouth’ but it is also recognized to dry up other components of your physique. Cotton Vagina is a issue and though its practically nothing a superior glass or two of water cannot repair but it is often handy to have some lube about to get the job performed twice as fast. 

Best Aphrodisiac Marijuana Strains 

Now though smoking marijuana in tiny quantities might certainly raise sexual pleasure, there are particular strains that are superior than other folks for exclusively this goal. Right here are the major Bed Pleased Strains on the industry. 

Hawaiian Diesel 

Feeling nervous as the date comes to a close? Smoke a spliff of this and you will instantaneously really feel additional relaxed and laid back. This giggle inducing strain is a descendant of the popular Sour Diesel and Hawaiian strains and is a major choose if you are searching to finish the evening on a higher, really actually. 

Green Appreciate Potion 

With a name like that, is there any doubt? This Indica, dominant strain with give you a relaxing physique higher enabling you to boost a beautiful feeling of intimacy. 

Essential Lime Pie 

This hybrid strain tends to make you sensitive to touch. So sensations will be all the additional pleasurable opening up your nerve centers. But be warmed Essential Lime Pie can be overwhelming for some customers. 


A brilliant sativa strain when you want to really feel refreshed and stimulated. Smoke some of this as a ideal way to bring back the intimacy among you and your companion. 


It combines muscle relaxation with mental arousal generating this strain a ideal aphrodisiac. This Indica strain is preferred due to the fact of its skills to treat depression, discomfort and some mental problems.

CBD vs THC for sex, what’s the distinction? 

When THC the active cannabinoid in marijuana is related with psychotropic effects, CBD an additional cannabinoid identified in marijuana is related with the anti anxiousness and anti inflammatory effects. For the reason that CBD is so superior at treating situations like depression, anxiousness and insomnia a quantity of providers have also identified a way to industry it as an aphrodisiac. 1 can uncover a quantity of lotions and lubes marketed with CBD as the central ingredient. CBDs anti inflammatory properties make it an exceptional emollient  for females who encounter a lot of discomfort in the course of sex. CBD also aids individuals who endure from functionality anxiousness as it aids preserve you calm and composed. THC on the other hand can enable add to the euphoria related with sexual imtrrcourse and take it to new dimensions. A quantity of strains, tinctures like Appreciate Potion and edibles containing THC are readily available in differing potencies. Just keep in mind to not go overboard in order to stay clear of a panic attack. 

The State of Analysis

Marijuana and sex definitely make strange Bedfellows. When some research have shown that consumption of tiny quantities of marijuana might boost the sexual encounter and raise libido, specifically in female sufferers, contradictory research have shown that marijuana might contribute to erectile dysfunction in guys. Clearly additional in depth study is required to comprehend the precise correlation among the two, specially considering that marijuana is set to turn out to be all the additional preferred in the coming years. 


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