Man Arrested for Supplying to Trade Wax for McDonald’s on Facebook


Through Green Rush Everyday:

A man in Idaho Falls, Idaho identified himself in severe problems since he provided to give a gram of cannabis concentrate (wax) to any individual who would bring him some rapid meals. Regrettably, nearby police identified out about the man’s post—and they did not uncover it humorous.

Do not Promote Weed on Facebook

A man due to the fact identified as 22-year-old Brian Starliper was a small forward on his Facebook web page not too long ago when he posted:

Yo if any individual in IF desires to bring me McDonald’s or Burger King rn I’ll give you a gram of wax straight up.

Not surprisingly, the ad grabbed people’s consideration. And at least some of them have been much more than content to take Starliper up on his give. For instance, 1 individual responded by asking: “Lol whatcha want.”

From there, Starliper kept the conversation going by placing in an actual order. He stated he wanted

a double quarter pounder, medium fries, significant fries, and two significant sodas.

He added:

I do not know how a great deal it is but I’m as well lazy to get up and go to McDonald’s myself tbh.

To leading it all off, he potentially incriminated himself 1 much more time by reiterating his point about possessing cannabis concentrate:

I have hella wax to play with as well.

It is unclear how authorities heard about Starliper’s Facebook activity. But 1 way or an additional they did. And they have been not content.

As reported by nearby news source Idaho State Journal, Idaho Falls police rapidly took out a search warrant and showed up at Starliper’s household. Whilst browsing the household, they reportedly identified 10 grams of cannabis concentrate, 1 gram of cocaine, and a range of drug paraphernalia.

Starliper was subsequently arrested and taken to the Bonneville County Jail. He is reportedly facing a number of charges, such as possession of a controlled substance and possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute. In addition, he had an outstanding warrant for misdemeanor probation violation and an additional for misdemeanor failure to seem.

Social Media and Cannabis

Social media and cannabis—both legal and illegal—have a strange connection. On the 1 hand, there are sometimes situations like Starliper’s, in which an person gets in problems soon after posts speaking about possession weed.

On the other finish of the spectrum, legal cannabis corporations, activist organizations, and other weed-themed groups have faced troubles when it comes to marketing on social media.

At the moment you will not have any challenge posting cannabis associated content material on Facebook, as lengthy as you do not attempt to sell cannabis items to other customers on the platform. Facebook does differentiate in between informative content material about cannabis and sale posts.

And ultimately, in what may possibly appear like a strange twist, cops themselves have been turning to social media for weed-associated communications.

In a lot of circumstances, cops use social media platforms to publish what they apparently assume are funny posts about weed. Usually, these “jokes” take the type of warnings against consuming or possessing weed. And other instances, cops will publicize cannabis busts utilizing social media. We not too long ago wrote an write-up about 1 of these stories. Police seized a couple of grams and got roasted on Facebook. These days, they constantly get roasted when they post about cannabis-associated arrests, and that is a great issue. The larger the stress from society gets, the significantly less probably they will continue with what they’re carrying out.


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