Landrace Strains: The Total Guide To These Uncommon Strains


When it comes to cannabis, assortment actually is the spice of life. From Fruity Pebbles to Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies, there constantly appears to be a strain for just about every occasion. But did you know that all the strains we have now trace back to a handful of original cannabis plant kinds recognized as landrace strains?

It is accurate. In reality, botanists can trace the complete cannabis lineage back to an original landrace strain in the Hindu Kush area of Afghanistan and Pakistan. We know — thoughts blown, proper?

So what is a landrace strain, particularly? What tends to make them distinctive? And need to you drop all the things, sell your car or truck, and trek to the back of beyond just to attempt 1?

In this post, the authorities at Truthful Marijuana will answer these queries and inform you all the things you want to know about the uncommon landrace strains.

An Very Short History Of Cannabis

Landrace strain of the cannabis plant

Historical documents from as far back as 2900 B.C.E. (just before typical era) and archaeological proof from several regions indicate that cannabis was currently in use in the course of the Neolithic period in China.

That implies humans could have been smoking weed as far back as 10,000 B.C.E.!

In fact, that is a bit of an exaggeration. Our ancient stoner ancestors likely consumed cannabis as an edible or as a weed tea. It likely wasn’t till later that some ganja genius got it in his or her head to inhale the smoke of a burning pot plant.

We actually do not know for confident about cannabis use, even though, due to the fact Wikipedia didn’t exist back then and no 1 wrote something down (they likely forgot due to the fact they have been stoned off their weed tea).

Cannabis genetics are a distinctive factor totally. Botanists do not want written records to do some fairly remarkable items, like trace all the cannabis strains that we know about now back to single plant assortment that initially created in the Hindu Kush area of what is now Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Preserve in thoughts that this region was a no-man’s land among Indian and Chinese civilizations way back then. But it is not challenging to think about an intrepid Chinese explorer stumbling upon a crop of wild cannabis in this area, consuming it, burning it, or just working with the fibers for one thing, thereby kicking off our existing marijuana revolution.

From that earliest discovery, mankind took cannabis wherever they went and the plant spread outdoors the Kush and China to Russia, Africa, South America, the Caribbean, and even components of North America.

By way of the intervening years, ganja growers have combined strain soon after strain of cannabis plants in order to make distinctive benefits.

Some growers wanted the plant to develop in cooler climates. Some growers wanted the plant to develop in warmer climates. Some growers wanted to isolate a distinct flavor. That led to the production of the myriad strains we have now.

But all the things can be traced back to that 1 original strain and the handful of landrace strains that followed.

What Is A Landrace Strain?

Marijuana plant

A landrace strain is a assortment of cannabis plant that has significantly less diluted DNA than other strains of cannabis. That implies landrace strains have not been crossbred with a further assortment of cannabis.

To take the distinction even additional, landrace strains are typically indigenous to a particular portion of the planet (which means they have adapted to the atmosphere of a certain geographic place). And because these landrace strains are the original cannabis plant from that region, descendants from these strains normally bear portion of the region’s name (e.g., Kandy Kush, Durban Thai, Super Lemon Haze).

Let’s believe of it this way for clarification: The original strain that created in the Hindu Kush so lots of thousands of years ago was a wild species.

Caveman potheads took seeds from that wild species and planted them in several components of the planet in the thousands of years among then and now. These plants that have been straight descended from the original species are now recognized as landrace strains.

From there (in, say, the previous 100-200 years), mankind continued to practice selective breeding of the cannabis plant for genetic improvement. That developed the modern day hybrid strains we appreciate now.

six Landrace Strains From About The Planet

Right here, for your pleasure, is a short list of six landrace strains from about the planet. This is by no implies an exhaustive list. It is just to give you an notion of exactly where that Chem Dog you’re smoking came from:

  • Hindu Kush, Pakistan

  • Pure Afghan, Afghanistan

  • Lamb’s Bread, Jamaica

  • Acapulco Gold, Mexico

  • Durban Poison, Africa

  • Panama Red, Central America

Are Landrace Strains Special In Some Way?

One of the landrace strains

It is significant to comprehend that the landrace classification only describes the strain’s genetic purity and indigenous upbringing.

It does not imply that landrace strains will get you greater than a superior batch of Blue Dream or reduce your anxiety quicker than a higher-CBD strain.

In reality, modern day strains are significantly far better than landrace strains at creating the effects we’re all seeking for (be they recreational or medicinal). That is due to the fact growers have bred the plants for these certain effects.

Landrace strains are not “better” than modern day strains, or even actually distinctive in any way. They just have significantly less diluted DNA. They’re closer to the original wild species than something else we have accessible now.

To place it in viewpoint, it is like comparing the quite initially car or truck (let’s say it was the Model T for simplicity’s sake) with the newest BMW.

You are going to appreciate cruising about in the BMW additional than you would the Model T — the BMW is comfier, rides far better, is less complicated to begin, and goes more rapidly (just to name a couple of) — but it is nonetheless superior to know exactly where that BMW initially came from.

That is how you can appear at landrace strains now. They’re actually only helpful to historians, scientists, and pot purists.

The 1 advantage from attempting a landrace strain would be experiencing additional genuine effects that are closer to these developed by the original cannabis strain. Possibly the higher or the medicinal effects were entirely distinctive. We just do not know.

Exactly where Have All The Pure Landrace Strains Gone?

Pot leaf

You could be asking yourself why you haven’t heard about landrace strains just before. Exactly where have they all gone?

To answer each queries at the exact same time: the original landrace strains have been taken out of their native atmosphere and endlessly crossbred with other varieties to make one thing new.

When a landrace strain is removed from its indigenous atmosphere (say, Pakistan) and forced to develop elsewhere (say, Mexico), it has to mature in distinctive increasing situations. In response to these new increasing situations, the plant will exhibit new qualities (e.g., smaller sized flowers, longer develop time, greater THC).

Through that transition from indigenous atmosphere to new increasing situations, some of the characteristics of the original plant will be lost. To get these qualities back, you’d have to return the plant to its native atmosphere.

Even then, the “purity” would be in query due to the fact you have grown a plant in a distinctive place (Mexico) — generating slightly distinctive qualities — and then attempted to return the seed to the location exactly where its grandparent plant came from (Pakistan).

See how promptly items can get murky and diluted? It is sufficient to make your head swim and your eyes go googly (even without the need of taking a toke). That is why we advise not considering about it as well deeply.

It is sufficient just to know that landrace strains exist. You do not have to get intimate with the topic. Just give a polite ‘sup nod as you pass by on your way to the nearby dispensary for a dime bag of Yoda OG.

Need to You Attempt A Landrace Strain?

Our answer to queries like these is typically a resounding, “Yes!”

There are a couple of occasions when we have to say no — like, need to you make your personal THC-O-Acetate or CO2 cannabis oil — but, for the most portion, it by no means hurts to attempt.

That stated, do not money in your life savings for the possibility to puff a landrace strain. You will likely be disappointed. Modern day strains are normally far better at generating the recreational or medicinal effects that you are seeking for.

Recall, landrace strains are not stronger, additional potent, or better in some way. They’re just significantly less diluted (genetically speaking) than other strains.

And, honestly, even that is debatable provided how significantly time has passed because the discovery of the original landrace strain and man’s tendency to crossbreed plants to make them develop “better.”

It is superior to know about landrace strains, but we seriously doubt they’re going to be the subsequent huge factor in cannabis consumption unless scientists locate one thing in their DNA that cures cancer far better than Rick Simpson oil or entirely cures anxiety and depression.

You are far better off working with organic, pesticide-free of charge marijuana than spending your challenging-earned dollars on one thing that claims to be a landrace strain.

For additional details on all items marijuana and to verify out our 100 % all-all-natural cannabis solutions, stop by today.

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