If Woody Harrelson Can Quit Smoking Weed, You Can As well!


Woody Harrelson. A lot of folks believe his name goes hand-in-hand with celebrity pot smoking. For years, he was a single of Hollywood’s most proud tokers. He not too long ago stated in an interview, although, that he quit smoking weed.

“I am a celebration animal… but on the other hand…. I essentially stopped smoking pot a year ago.”

What?! Woody Harrelson quit smoking pot? But…. he’s advocated it for so extended!

He says that it is been so extended because he’s quit smoking but that to get started up once more now would be silly. He knows himself, and he knows his vices – and he knows that if he began smoking weed once more, he’d be proper back to exactly where he was prior to. A chronic.

Not that he thinks there’s something incorrect with smoking pot. He’s nonetheless got his other vices, as nicely – the man nonetheless drinks alcohol.

The point right here is that if an individual who advocates marijuana as a great deal as Woody Harrelson was capable to quit, then you need to be capable to quit as well.

“I really feel like it was maintaining me emotionally unavailable,” he says. This is one thing that a lot of pot smokers fail to understand – chronic smoking does have an effect on your emotional state. You might really feel content material and satisfied, but there are other feelings that need to be addressed that are effortless to overlook when you are cheeched.

A lot of marijuana smokers believe that, because so a lot of renowned folks smoke the herb, that they have no explanation to quit. What a lot of them do not appear at is how a lot of renowned folk quit smoking marijuana. Brad Pitt, Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, Paul Mccartney – all these celebrities had  significant pot habits, and all have because renounced them.

Quitting marijuana causes a quantity of cognitive effects. It is like a type of withdrawal, but it is a lot distinct than withdrawal from other drugs. It impacts your feelings a great deal far more than your physique.

  • You might turn out to be anxious just after quitting weed, but this can be worked by means of. It can be a surprise to return to life without having marijuana as a crutch.
  • Quite a few people locate it hard to cope with the return of intense feelings. A lot of folks locate their feelings slightly numbed when smoking copious amounts of marijuana.
  • They encounter slight adjustments in perception that differ from what they’re made use of to when smoking weed on the every day.

These items could possibly sound difficult to deal with, but they’re seriously just a aspect of dealing with typical life. The withdrawal is generally a readjustment period. You are returning to the way you felt prior to smoking marijuana on the common.

If an individual with a chronic habit that spanned several decades can quit smoking weed without having anyone in the media taking notice, then I’m confident you can do it as well. Life is nonetheless wonderful when viewed by means of a clear lens – and this is what all these celebrities came to understand.



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