How Can CBD Ease the Discomfort That Comes Along With Those Painful Menstrual Cycles?


thousands of women, “those days of the month” can be extremely overwhelming and
exhausting at the same time. Women across the world have to manage hundreds of
tasks such as work, household chores, groceries, kids. And if they have to
undergo the unbearable symptoms associated with the menstrual cycle as well,
then their life can actually turn into a battle where they can’t win at all.

pain itself is a very excruciating process and if you have a Polycystic Ovarian
Syndrome on the top of that can be extremely painful. But, sadly, this medical
condition is not curable. It can only be managed by following a healthy

after having knowledge about the effects of an unhealthy lifestyle, millions of
women are continuously getting affected with one or the other symptoms of this
major public health disorder. 

Why Are The Available Treatment Options Not

cycles accompany both physical as well as a psychological struggle which every
woman has to go through. Sudden outbursts, mood swings, intolerable menstrual
cramps, are among the most common symptoms of PMS or PCOS.

To regulate the menstrual cycle and its related symptoms, there are many prescription medications available such as birth control pills, Spironolactone, Eflornithine, and many more. However, these medications come with a lot of side-effects along with them. So, it becomes impossible to continue therapy using such medications.

Is CBD Any Helpful?

CBD has acquired a lot of attention not only in the US but across the globe because of the incredible medicinal health benefits that it has to offer. Scientists, Doctors, and others are now acknowledging its innumerable benefits which has led to a complete revolution in the healthcare sector.

Mechanism of Action Of CBD For Relieving
PMS OR PCOS Symptoms

of the primary cannabinoids of medical cannabis, “CBD” can be helpful in
relieving the painful menstrual cramps using the following procedure.

  • Anti-inflammatory Action- CBD is known to have a potent
    anti-inflammatory action. They act by inhibiting the production of inflammatory
    prostaglandins which might arise during the menstrual cycle.
  • Pain-relieving Action- Medical cannabis as a whole has an effective
    pain-relieving effect. CBD also targets the pain-transmitting nerves by
    modulating the endocannabinoid receptors. Hence, alleviating the pain
    sensations significantly. CBD helps in enhancing the soothing effects to the
    area near the neighboring pain receptors as well.
  • Muscle-Relaxant- Menstrual cramps can be extremely painful when there
    are contractions of the lining of smooth muscles across the uterus. CBD targets
    endocannabinoid receptors by relaxing these contractions.
  • Vascular- Relaxant- When CBD induces relaxation among the smooth
    muscles, it readily improves the blood flow. This process helps in providing
    relief to the oxygen-deprived tissues. Hence, eventually alleviating the
    severity of cramps.


can be helpful for alleviating many PMS associated symptoms efficiently. Here’s
how it will be beneficial for you.

●     For Reducing Menstrual Cramps

A beautiful woman sleeping. Image for 6 savvy tips to defy extreme cannabis high-smoking a high thc strain article for

number of researches as well as mmj specialists providing 420 evaluations have
advocated its pain-relieving capabilities. It also has the property of being an
excellent muscle relaxant. Hence, can be used as an aid while going through
those intense painful muscle cramps during a period.

taking into account this effect, a noted celebrity “Whoopi Goldberg” along with
a Maya has developed a brand of medical cannabis products for providing relief
from menstrual discomfort.

●     For Alleviating Backaches

Backaches occur normally when going through a period. CBD
is an excellent analgesic which acts as a pain reliever in such situations as
well. It has shown to reduce any kind of pain associated with PMS by
interacting with the vanilloid receptors. Hence, desensitizing pain

Also, CBD increases the levels of anandamide which
is known to reduce pain and inflammation associated with PMS along with
boosting the levels of another neurotransmitter which is responsible for
providing potent anti-inflammatory action.

  • For Management of Mood Swings

go through a lot of mood transitions during their periods. The reason being
there is a lot of fluctuation in the estrogen levels during the menstrual

helps in improving the mood changes by decreasing the absorption of serotonin
in the brain temporarily. Hence, eventually stabilizing mood efficiently.

  • Reduces Acne or Any Related Skin Disorders

changes are a natural occurrence during their periods. CBD has potent
anti-inflammatory, as well as anti-proliferative action which can reduce the
overproduction of sebum associated with PMS.

Painful PCOS symptoms result in sleepless
nights. With CBD, one can get quality sleep as it helps in enhancing calmness
as well as other effects.

It is a hybrid strain which
is rich in CBD. This strain helps in pain alleviation as well as helps in
reducing stress associated with PCOS.

This is a THC dominant
strain, but the presence of CBD helps to nullify the psychoactive effects of
the strain. It provides relaxing effects along with reducing the cases of
depression. It is a perfect medication for daytime relief.

It is an extremely helpful
strain for reducing those painful menstrual cramps. It is advisable to
microdose or starts with the lowest dose to reduce the psychoactive effects of
this strain.

It is helpful for reducing
the painful symptoms along with stress-inducing factors. It is a perfect
medication for night-time relief.

Are There Any Other CBD Products Available?

There is a wide range of CBD
products available for getting the required calmness into your disturbed life.
These include sublingual, lotions, gummies, vape oils, gel capsules.

However, one must have plenty of knowledge
before choosing the CBD products for relieving your symptoms. You
can also go for a combination of products and see how it can provide the
desired effect. Explore the products and look what suits you the best, instead
of settling for just one.

How To Purchase CBD Products Online?

Check the method of shipment-7 Little Tricks To Achieve The Best Results In Buy Weed Online

CBD is a cannabinoid which is legal in all the
50 states of the US. So, you can buy your favorite CBD products online without
worrying about any legal implications. You can also get it shipped right at
your doorsteps.

Things to remember before buying CBD products?

For buying
CBD oil products, various platforms are available, hence one gets tempted to
grab the most affordable CBD products. But to make sure the product is
effective, you

should look
for quality instead of low prices.

CBD oil is
often mislabeled. We can find CBD oil marketed in various forms like drops,
syrups, lotions, and creams. One must be cautious before buying any CBD product
because many products that are sold in the market are not pure, thus creating
doubt about their authenticity or safety.

Thus, avoid
getting trapped with the high claims and vague advertising of different health
products. Hence, you should research the quality of CBD products thoroughly
that you wish to purchase. CBD oil products are beneficial in improving the
quality of life of patients suffering from chronic illness.

Browse through a wide selection of CBD products that are 100% tried, tested and recommended by the mmj doctors.

PMS can be overwhelming for
many. CBD has shown to target the cause. Perhaps, this is the reason why women
are switching to CBD products for managing their menstrual dilemmas
efficiently. So, don’t shy away because of any social stigma attached to
cannabis or CBD, switch to this natural supplement and transform your life

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How Can CBD Ease the Discomfort That Comes Along With Those Painful Menstrual Cycles?

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How Can CBD Ease the Discomfort That Comes Along With Those Painful Menstrual Cycles?


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