Hail Mary: CBS Says “No” to Cannabis Ad In the course of the Super Bowl


BLUNTED SOCIETY: There’s no truth in marketing.
Censorship is alive and properly. And the media giant which gainfully employed
sexual harasser extraordinaire Les Moonves – only to be outdone in sheer volume
of victims by Harvey Weinstein – desires to play puritanism at the upcoming Super
Bowl by refusing to air cannabis advertisements. That is the nation we’re living in.

CBS is benching a Super Bowl ad that tends to make a case for the
positive aspects of healthcare marijuana. Super Bowl LIII, which will be played in Atlanta
on Sunday, February three, 2019, functions the New England Patriots facing off
against the Los Angeles Rams, which are primarily based in the nation’s second biggest Television

The “big game” will air on CBS, which refuses to let a cannabis firm run a Super Bowl ad in 2019. Acreage Holdings, a US-primarily based cannabis firm that counts former Home Speaker John Boehner as a member of its board, announced that CBS rejected its proposed 30-second industrial. Acreage was reportedly prepared to invest upward of $five million for the spot, which is the going price for a Super Bowl ad in 2019.

As a football fan and media man, I reject CBS. I will take a
stand against CBS and not watch the game. I can not help, in superior conscience,
baseless policies. Plus, my beloved Kansas City Chiefs didn’t make the reduce, so
all the additional cause to take a knee throughout the CBS broadcast.

JOINT Work: According to Acreage Holdings, CBS rejected its 30-second
ad touting the positive aspects of healthcare marijuana. George Allen, president of
Acreage Holdings, stated the ad focused on how healthcare marijuana has helped
people today cope with discomfort, like a kid that suffered from epileptic seizures.
To be blunt, the NFL can suck it.

A sport that undeniably causes traumatic brain injuries unconscionably refuses to air a industrial advertising healthcare marijuana, 1 of the substances football players say mitigate the effects of head injuries. One particular of the NFL’s greatest scandals is how they’ve treated – or failed to treat – traumatic brain injuries suffered by their players. The NFL has, more than the final decade, been rocked by lawsuits more than traumatic brain injuries.

BREAKING BUD: Acreage stated it plans to publish a 60-second version of the
spot on its site so people today can see what the fuss was all about. Rather of
watching Super Bowl advertisements, head to their site and give their items a whirl.
I encourage you to watch Acreage’s ad as properly as repost, share, retweet, and
like it to maximize eyeballs and consideration.

CBS laughably told Acreage that the industrial was not
constant with the network’s marketing policies, which seems to be related
to Facebook’s anti-cannabis marketing policies. At some point, media like CBS
and Facebook will make it not possible for cannabis organizations to thrive. When
that occurs, the cannabis market will take their dollars elsewhere. That is
the beauty of capitalism. 

Higher STAKES: Marijuana is on the league’s list of banned substances. Players are suspended for applying it right after testing good twice. Soon after the initial good test, a player is place in the league’s “Stage Two” intervention system, which implies they can be tested additional consistently for up to 24 months.

“We’re disappointed but somewhat unsurprised,” Allen stated.
“Still, we created the ad in the spirit of a public service announcement. We
really feel it is our duty to advocate on behalf of our sufferers.”

I have no doubt that the youngsters of this nation will see
sexually explicit commercials and racially intolerant ones also. The hypocrisy
of CBS and the NFL tends to make me boiling mad. But on Super Bowl Sunday, you can make
the selection to get mad or get even.

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