Greater Know a Terpene: Humulene


Up subsequent in our ongoing series on terpenes is a lesser recognized, and reduced proportion terpene: humulene.

Humulene is a main element of hops, along with caryophyllene and myrcene, and largely contributes to the &#8216hoppy&#8217 aroma of beer. Humulene is frequently located with caryophyllene as it is an isomer of β-caryophyllene. In truth, α-humulene is also recognized as α-caryophyllene.

Humulene has several good properties, namely its anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic elements, particularly when observed in concert with caryophyllene. Quite a few research have noted humulene and trans-caryophyllene&#8217s potential to shrink tumours, which is a promising line of study.

A good strain with higher levels of humulene is Girl Scout Cookies.


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