Goodbye Spliffs, Hello Herbal Blend — CANNABIS FEMINIST&#x2122


Here’s Ari’s story: 

“Immediately after smoking tobacco &amp cannabis for 10+ years, I quit tobacco. My cannabis was like a lone sock, useless without having it really is pair. Expanding up in Montreal with the European influence and a vibrant Moroccan neighborhood (who loves their hash), The only way I knew how to engage with cannabis culture was spliffing. I wasn’t about to start off smoking from a bong and vapes have been hardly a point. My sock required to uncover its pair..

I did not smoke tobacco for 10 years result in I like smoking tobacco, I liked the concept of smoking in common, at a young age tobacco took hold of me and was the forefront of my association with smoking, not till I quit tobacco did I understand I enjoyed the hobby of smoking, not the habit.

Tobacco was a effective medicine till it became commercialized/mixed with 4000+ toxins and sold in 7/11 in a pack of 20. Smoking is an chance to plug into the bounties of nature and delight in its fruits, if respected, it can give extra then it requires. There are 7.1 million deaths globally due to tobacco, if 1% of smokers delight in the hobby and not the habit, HB really nicely may perhaps be their life boat.”


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