Get an On-line Healthcare Marijuana recommendation in beneath 30 minutes.


More than the weekend I employed the on the web health-related assessment internet site,, to get my health-related marijuana card.  I have never ever had my MMJ recommendation prior to, but with new regulations passing and taxes possibly on the rise, I felt compelled to get a med card to support offset the increasing price. I was not positive what to count on for the duration of the approach, occasionally on the web certifications can be tricky to navigate and be time-consuming. has shown me otherwise. 


Now that I have gone by way of the on the web health-related marijuana recommendation approach, I have a couple of recommendations to support make it much easier for you. Ahead of you start, make positive you collect all the essential documents, California ID or Drivers license and your debit or credit card. Be positive to download the eVisit app on your telephone, or it will take a couple of added minutes to comprehensive the approach. Also, if you are making use of a laptop, upload a image of your ID and save it on your desktop for swift use.  I was unprepared and the approach nonetheless only took me 30 minutes get started to finish. marijuana med card pricing list

Obtaining your account began is equivalent to setting up an online account we are all familiar with Very first name and final name, address, e-mail, and and so on. You will have to enter the fundamentals like your name and address on additional than one particular screen, so keep in mind to copy and paste! It could have been easier if the info had transferred more than to the second screen, but other than that the app performs fantastic. There is not a lot of info to re-enter, so it is not as well tedious but be ready to present a quick written description of your health-related situation registration details for MMJ card registration web page

When you submit your request, the app notifies you that your application is getting processed and surprisingly about 60 seconds later you have an interview scheduled. I had to clarify my health-related situation, but I didn’t have to trudge up old documentation which helped ease the approach tremendously. 
I have been making use of marijuana medicinally for discomfort management and other ailments regularly so I definitely didn’t have as well a lot of concerns for the medical professional and the interview only lasted a couple of minutes. 

He was polite, respectful, and supportive of my selection to use marijuana as an alternative of other medication. He employed the notes I had entered in the app to support guide our discussion. He explained the approach and gave me an anticipated arrival date for my card. Precisely 10 minutes right after we ended our contact, the e-mail showed up with a copy of my digital recommendation and eta for my card coming in the mail.  


It was cost-effective-I paid $79 for my initial recommendation, and ID card and the renewal costs are only $45 if you do not will need a new ID card.  I know, I know, why even get a health-related recommendation when cannabis is legal for recreational use in California?  My tiny investment will nonetheless save me cash in the lengthy run. The perks of getting your health-related recommendation are not only financially effective but also practical. Healthcare individuals will have the 15% excise tax waived on all purchases and can legally possess and obtain additional solution than recreational customers. In California, MMJ cardholders can invest in and possess up to eight ounces of flower and develop up to 12 plants though recreational customers can only obtain and possess up to one particular ounce of herb, eight grams of concentrate and six plants.

Breakdown of pricing and savings with Medical marijuana recommendation MMJ Dr referral
Breakdown of pricing and savings with Healthcare marijuana recommendation

Whilst some apps and on the web solutions can be tedious and confusing to navigate is the opposite. The MMJ Dr. I spoke with was ready with my file and had valuable responses to my concerns, the app was effective and ran smoothly from get started to finish, which is uncommon these days. There is nothing at all additional frustrating to me like an app that is buggy and stuck on the loading screen! The app was straightforward to download and navigate, and in much less than 30 minutes I had my recommendation in my inbox and my med card in the mail and on the way. 



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