five Causes Californians Really should Maintain Purchasing Weed with a Healthcare Card


On January 1st 2018, recreational marijuana ultimately became legal in California! This implies that any individual more than the age of 21 can stroll into a recreational dispensary and legally acquire weed. So is it nonetheless worth applying for a health-related marijuana card or renewing your current card? The straightforward answer is yes! Buying weed with a health-related card from a health-related dispensary has several positive aspects more than shopping for recreational marijuana.

1. It is a lot less expensive to acquire weed with a health-related card

Sales tax and other nearby taxes will apply when you obtain recreational marijuana. This implies that on typical you will save more than 25% when you acquire your weed from a health-related dispensary. In some Californian cities exactly where added taxes are applied you will save even much more! When you aspect in these savings, most health-related cannabis customers will speedily offset the price of their health-related card. You could simply finish up saving hundreds of dollars more than the course of a year.

two. Having access to health-related weed is a lot much more handy than recreational marijuana

The issuing of licenses for recreational dispensaries is taking place pretty gradually. There are presently only about 100 in operation about Oakland, San Jose, San Diego and Berkeley. On the other hand, there are properly more than 1000 health-related dispensaries to decide on from.

three. Healthcare marijuana offers you access to stronger weed and a higher selection of strains   

Healthcare cannabis strains are particularly bred to treat all sorts of situations like insomnia, fatigue, anxiousness and depression. This implies that shopping for from a health-related dispensary offers you an remarkable variety to decide on from in terms of strains, strength, THC and CBD ratios and the variety of higher you will get. A health-related card also allows you to acquire a lot stronger THC oils and waxes than these out there from a recreational dispensary. In our encounter, the employees at health-related dispensaries are extremely knowledgeable and can aid you choose the precise variety of weed you are hunting for.

four. A health-related card offers you additional legal protection and you can develop and carry much more weed

With a health-related card you can legally develop up to 100 square feet of health-related cannabis and carry up to eight oz. In contrast, the new Californian recreational laws only enable you to carry 1 oz of weed. A health-related card also offers you additional legal protection if you are stopped by law enforcement when driving or flying with weed in your possession. Carrying a health-related card is worth it for this additional peace of thoughts alone!

five. Healthcare cannabis is out there to men and women aged 18 and above

The new cannabis laws in California restrict the sale of recreational marijuana to men and women more than the age of 21. Having said that, with a health-related card you can legally obtain weed from a health-related dispensary as quickly as you turn 18.

How do you get a health-related marijuana card?

Having a health-related marijuana card requires as tiny as 10 minutes and can be carried out totally on line or more than the telephone! The lawmakers accountable for Proposition 215 intentionally wrote it to make confident that fairly a lot any adult can simply access the health-related rewards of cannabis.

The service we suggest for finding your health-related card is They are the most common health-related marijuana clinic in California and have a group of super friendly physicians that will chat with you and approve your health-related card in a couple of minutes. These guys are definitely compassionate and genuinely think that cannabis can boost lives. If you require any much more proof, their physicians have carried out more than 250,000 evaluations due to the fact 2001!


How does the application method operate?

After you head more than to their web site, the application method is extremely simple:

  1. Make an on line account (if you’d rather apply by telephone you can simply do that as properly).
  2. Fill in a common on line health-related type.
  3. Speak to a medical professional through video chat. The medical professional is there to clarify how health-related cannabis could possibly aid you and can answer any concerns you have.
  4. Promptly obtain a doctor’s recommendation letter (as a PDF) that you can take into any health-related marijuana dispensary to acquire weed anytime you like!

The doctor’s letter is all you legally require to acquire health-related cannabis but you can also spend a tiny much more and they’ll give you a wallet sized ID card that is a lot much more handy to carry about.

The legalization of recreational cannabis in California is a wonderful step along the road to recognizing the rewards of weed and seeing it totally legalized about the globe. Having said that, for the foreseeable future if you reside in an region of the United States exactly where health-related marijuana is legal, we suggest that you hang on to your health-related card since it will save you revenue and get you access to a lot far better weed.


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