Edison La Strada


Right here we&#8217re hunting at a further fine Edison flower from producer Organigram. Edison calls it &#8220tangy and tart,&#8221 to which we&#8217ll agree. It&#8217s a further instance of a strong &#8216all-rounder&#8217 strain.

The aroma is slightly sour and bitter, but not in particular lemony like most sour strains. The flavour is closer to cranberries to my tongue, but mileage may well differ.

The terpene profile isn&#8217t dominated by any one particular chemical. Myrcene (27%) is the most abundant, followed by caryophyllene (16%), and pinene (11%). The outcome is a sort of middle ground strain, ideal for these not hunting for couch lock, but nonetheless a relaxing practical experience.

An additional advantage is that, like Edison&#8217s Lola Montes, La Strada is one particular of the less costly strains obtainable at about $10/g. Verify out this good flower nowadays!


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