Edibles For Your Sweetie – Valentine’s Cannabis Chocolates



Looking for a unique selection of Cannabis Chocolates to choose from for Valentine’s Day?
​Theorem Staff has your gift search for edibles covered. Check out a few of our favorite sweet treats to celebrate your Love!

4.20 Bars By Evergreen Herbal Chocolates:
With THC, 1:1, and 10:1 high CBD 10 packs available, you are sure to find the chocolates you are looking for from Evergreen Herbal! The 
4.20 Bars THC varieties come in unique flavors like Espresso and Toffee, which you won’t see anywhere else in the edible case.

  • Evergreen Herbal’s 1:1 (10mg THC and 10mg CBD per piece) and 10:1 (10mg CBD and 1mg THC per piece) chocolates are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate sea salt flavors.
  • Priced at $28, the 10:1 chocolates are Theorem’s most affordable high CBD edible with minimal psychoactivity.
  • If you are looking for single 10mg chocolate bars, Evergreen Herbal has you covered too; Theorem has both THC and 1:1 bars available for $9.

Spot Chocolates:
Spot recently released a new line of chocolates that have three different varieties, all with different amounts of THC and CBD to build three distinct experiences. 
These 10 packs of chocolates are available in milk chocolate and dark chocolate, for $36.

  • For a more cerebral, energizing, and social experience, consider trying the Sativa 10:3 chocolates, which have 10mg THC and 3mg CBD per piece. That touch of CBD helps to eliminate any anxious feelings that can sometimes come about from sativa products.
  • For a more subtle and mild experience in both the mind and body, the Hybrid 3:10 chocolates might be your answer! Described by Spot as similar to a glass of wine with dinner, these high CBD chocolates would be a great choice for someone looking for an edible with just a touch of THC (3mg) and a bigger dose of relaxing CBD (10mg) for any time of day.
  • For a relaxing, comforting experience with the full power of both THC and CBD, take a look at the Indica 10:10 chocolates. With 10mg of THC and 10mg CBD per piece, these chocolates are designed to be a very body-focused indica experience, perfect for movie night wrapped up in blankets!
E & M Partners Fudge
If you would like something vegan or would like to support a smaller, family owned company, take a look at the fudge from E & M Partners! This company is owned and operated by husband and wife Ed and Minda (hence the E and M in the company’s name!).

  • Their vegan fudge is available in regular, mint, and walnut flavors,
  • ​Available in an all THC variety, a 1:1 variety, and an all CBD variety.

  • Theorem has 2 packs for $10 and 10 packs for $33. 

Journeyman Chocolates
If you are looking for affordable yet unique chocolates, make sure you check out Theorem’s Journeyman line of edibles. With fun options like:

  • Rocky Mellows, a play on Rocky Road; 
  • CBD Salties, our most affordable multipack that have both THC and CBD; and 
  • Couch Potatoes, which are chocolates with potato chips in them

You are sure to find something that pleases both your love and your wallet! Ringing up at $25 across the board, you might need to get a bag for yourself too!

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