Develop Report n°2 – Initial leaves, Fungus gnats and additional


Blue Thai’s very first cutting 

Due to the fact we do not want to flower our final blue thaï plant, we’ve decided to preserve this a single as a mother and flower some cuttings. Factor is… i’m not super super patient (workin on it ^^), and want to get her into the flowering tent asaaaaap.

In that spirit, I looked for a good small side branch huge adequate to make a cutting out of. 

Blue Thai mother plant

small cutting rooting in water

Blue Thai mother plant

As you can see, we spotted a single that was modest, but not as well modest, and went for it. Hopefully, considering the fact that it is such a young sprout, it’ll nevertheless have a bunch of rooting hormones and will take promptly.

In order to preserve it in a good, humid, atmosphere we placed it in a glass of water and placed cellophane more than it, with a couple complete.
Water droplets promptly formed on the sides of the glass, displaying that humidity levels are higher. Hopefully she’s going to take!


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