Critique: Blue Roots – Champagne Kush


Place: Airway Heights, WABlue Roots out of Airway Heights, Washington has a decorative tree logo with their name.

Develop Technique/Medium: Aeroponic

Taste: Light, Soft, Kushy Aftertaste

Aroma: Kush, Floral, Delicate

Mood: Balanced, Content material, Versatile


Very first Impression

Blue Roots cannabis has smart packing that tells you the lineage as well as the terpene profile.The incredibly 1st factor I noticed was the slightly brighter shade of green that was close to what I’ve noticed in Strawberry Cough, which is a individual favourite. Nevertheless that is exactly where the similarities ended. When I broke open a nug to smell, some thing intriguing occurred. The aroma’s all played effectively with each other, but it was like they had been in silo’d pockets in the buds. When I smelled the half of the nug in my correct hand it was wrapped up in a kushy, dank profile. Whereas the half in my left hand was delicate and floral, particularly like a young, Spring flower. The mixture was excellent, even if a small underwhelming.

Champagne Kush from Blue Roots is a cross of Burmese Kush x Hash Plant. Whereas I know Burmese Kush is a bit on the brighter side of the kush spectrum, Hash Plant historically has knocked me out when I’ve smoked it so I was expecting to be taken down a notch. Not the case!

10 Minutes In

Blue Roots pulled a seriously functional higher out of their Champagne Kush. One particular factor I enjoy about Blue Roots is their packaging. They listed the parent strains as effectively as a peek into the terpene profile on their bud. Champagne rocks it in myrcene (which is a terpene also discovered in mangos). While myrcene is a standard indicator of indica effects, I wouldn’t get in touch with Blue Roots Champagne Kush sedative by any stretch. The higher settles in like waking up on the correct side of the bed. Not necessarily super amped and prepared to conquer the planet, but certainly euphoric.A tghtly structured little bud of Champagne Kush from Blue Roots.

Final Verdict

Blue Roots is a effectively recognized name in the sector, they clearly know how to develop some excellent weed. Champagne Kush was a pleasant smoke, and would make a wonderful suggestion for an individual seeking to smoke all through the day and nevertheless be functional. For a seasoned smoker, I was left wanting a small much more out of it. If you are cannacurious or attempting to introduce a buddy to the joys of weed, this would be a wonderful strain to choose up.

Written by: Nikki Marangon

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