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It is not adequate just to say that you want to get some weed. If you want the dankest bud out there, you want to get your education. No, you do not want to be concerned about who sailed the ocean blue in 1492. You do want to know what’s out there even though.

Distinct strain kinds aside, there are 3 principal marijuana kinds and classifications.

These days we will give an overview of these classifications so that you can head on more than to your nearby dispensary with the proper data.

Let’s take a appear.




Reggie is what you may well get in touch with entry level bud. You will also hear persons get in touch with it “dirt weed,” and yes, the term is precisely as unflattering as it sounds.

These days, you do not see a lot of reggie any longer but lots of persons in the nation are nevertheless smoking it. Weed is so very good now that most persons are not prepared to settle for significantly less than the most effective.

There is nevertheless some of it out there of course, and it is to your advantage to be in a position to recognize it when you see it.

Reggie is normally drier than danker bud, and it is definitely, definitely harsh on the lungs. The buzz is also normally fairly unrefined, but it will operate in a tight spot.

The only advantage of reggie is that it is normally fairly affordable.

That stated, if you have a couple of additional bucks to commit, you will not regret upgrading.

Speaking of upgrades….


Mid-Grade Bud:


Now for the mids. Surely absolutely nothing incorrect with this stuff. It is not very good for a KO the identical way that leading shelf dank bud is, but it will undoubtedly be just fine to cozy up with at the finish of a extended operate week.

Mid-grade bud can be green and sticky like primo kush, and in reality, imbibing novices could struggle to discover any distinction at all.

Mid-grade marijuana is going to be pricier than reggie, but it will nevertheless be friendlier to the wallet than the leading-shelf stuff.


Best Shelf Kush:


You just can not beat this stuff. This is not the weed from the sixties. Dank kush comes from the decades of study in the healthcare and legal recreational marijuana realms. This stuff has been engineered from seed to sprout for greatness, and the challenging operate of scientists and growers alike has paid off in a massive undesirable way.

The potency of the most effective cannabis on the marketplace can have a THC level of about 35-40% which is additional than adequate to get you good and relaxed for the weekend.

You do have to spend leading dollar for primo kush, but the practical experience is normally believed to be properly worth it.




So, which classification of cannabis are you going to attain for the subsequent time you want to unwind soon after a extended day?

The nature of our profile right now is to rank distinctive kinds of weed, and certainly, some categories of kush are much better than other people. Even with that stated even though, there is no such point as undesirable weed. It is like ice cream. You are fairly a lot going to have a very good time with it no matter what.



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