Cannabis Stigma Nevertheless Sows Seeds of Conflict


Nancy Reagan told us just say no. The U.S. has locked up blacks and Hispanics for marijuana usage at alarming prices compared to whites. The stigma related with cannabis consumption is not going away overnight.

“I’m not a drug dealer. I just function in the cannabis market.” This is a frequent refrain that I hear all the time from speaking to individuals about cannabis. They implore me to inform my readers at NewsMunchies that the sativa stigma nonetheless exists.

If you have seasoned cannabis accomplishment in organization or
utilized cannabis for its medicinal or recreational qualities, the truth remains
that we nonetheless need to usually be forced to confront the judgement of pals, family members
members, and the public about our cannabis use. Why is breaking the grass
ceiling and cracking by means of the cannabis haze so darn challenging?

As we’re living in a globe of option information and fake news, it is no wonder that cannabis buyers and cannabis connoisseurs want to decrease the stigma and misinformation surrounding marijuana use in the public’s perception.

The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) at the moment
categorizes marijuana as a Schedule I drug, defined as substances getting “no
at the moment accepted health-related use and a higher possible for abuse.” The Trump
administration appears to reinforce concepts that have been getting propagated in the 1970s
by Richard Nixon. (I beseech you to see the parallels among Nixon and
Trump.)  As a Schedule I drug beneath the
Controlled Substances Act, the harshest of 5 government classifications, our
federal government has placed the strictest regulations on any health-related testing.
However additional than half of the population in the U.S. lives in a jurisdiction exactly where
cannabis is legal beneath state law either for medicinal or adult-use purposes.

Here’s an workout for NewsMunchies readers: I want you to
speak to colleagues, pals, and family members about who has been impacted by the
stigma who has benefited from the stigma what are the financial and human
fees of the stigma how do we overcome the stigma and is there a distinction among
the stigma related with recreational use vs. health-related use?

Marijuana legalization in person states has carried out a lot of factors, but a single issue it hasn’t carried out is quit racial disparities in the criminal justice technique. In states exactly where cannabis has been legalized and arrests have decreased considerably, black individuals are nonetheless disproportionately arrested – even in pioneering Colorado – additional than their white counterparts. This disparity is critical and reinforces the thesis that marijuana stigmatization nonetheless exists. Whilst it is fine to celebrate the legalization and constructive effects of cannabis, we can not ignore that there are nonetheless minorities who are getting ostracized by it and the legacy of racism inside the cannabis neighborhood.

U.S. drug policy is undoubtedly to blame for leaving a stigma attached to cannabis consumption in black communities. Fears of imprisonment or police brutality amongst African Americans is genuine. It is not surprising that lots of African Americans are leery about cashing in on the legal cannabis market either as organization owners or buyers. Many reports show that the black neighborhood continues to spend a higher cost for the criminalization of cannabis in the criminal justice technique even in states exactly where marijuana is legal.

We need to help the work to eliminate cannabis from the
Schedule I classification which equates cannabis to heroin. As a society, we
have to undo decades of productive messaging of reefer madness and the stigma
we have assigned to the individuals who have been entangled in the criminal justice

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