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November 21, 2018

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November 24, 2018

Bloom Farms can be found in California. Our Bloom farms highlighter cartridge review found THC oil that we can not recommend. This is a CO2 cannabis extracted oil that lacks an enjoyable flavor. The strength is considered low to medium. One positive feature is that the cartridge can be refilled with a better THC oil.

The Bloom Farms highlighter review overall score on weedmaps is currently an overall 3.7/5 from among 41 reviews. The common complaint found on from the feedback left is the bitter taste from the THC oil. There’s also a Bloom Farm highlighter vape pen available for sale, it’s not essential and any 510 thread vape battery will work.

Bloom Farms Highlighter THC oil

This Sativa strain vape cartridge from Bloom Farms is tested at 72% THC. I believe its accurate because it was strong enough to get a nice high from it. This prefilled THC oil cartridge can be recommended for those who don’t mind its bitter taste. It’s important to point out that this isn’t a true half gram cartridge, instead, its weight is only 359mg. They are not the only vape cartridge company to start selling less THC oil for more money. It’s actually becoming more common for vape cartridge capacities changing to less THC oil content.

There are other options from Bloom Farms with improved flavor for there THC oil. We can recommend the Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus cartridge. Its a more superior cartridge for a higher price. The flavor of the natural cannabis oil alone without any extra terpenes added is not pleasant. There are some people who want only natural cannabis oil without anything extra. If you are one of those people who tried this cart let us know what you think of it.

How Does The Vape Cartridge Hit?

Foruntately, the vaping performance for this cartridge is great without any draw resistance. It’s easy to take big hits of vape without much effort. I couldn’t remove the cartridges mouthpiece to refill this cartridge. Which leads me to believe this cartridge isn’t meant to be refilled. The ceramic mouthpiece was a nice feature for this vape cartridge. Overall this vape cartridge just needs some better tasting THC oil with lab test results proving its clean.

Bloom Farms Lab Test Results

A little bit of research lead to a news article from NBC of Los Angeles about this vape cartridge and others. The article is about how many THC oil cartridges have failed lab test for pesticides including Bloom Farms. It’s actually the Indica strain of Bloom Farms Highlighter vape cartridge. A representative of Bloom farms responded to the lab test results. Their response can be seen on the news article from NBC to the right.

bloom farms highlighter lab test

Bloom Farms Highlighter Cartridge Review

Bloom Farms Highlighter Cartridge Review



The CO2 oil needs some terpenes to improve the flavor. Until the flavor is improved we can not recommend the Bloom Farms highlighter oil cartridge.

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Lab Test Results

Bloom Farms Highligher Refill Cartridge Review

The CO2 oil needs some terpenes to improve the flavor. Until the flavor is improved we can not recommend the Bloom Farms highlighter oil cartridge.

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