Autoflowering Seeds: The Expert’s Guide


One particular of the most righteous issues about contemporary cannabis genetics (other than the sky-higher THC counts) is the introduction of autoflowering seeds. The initially hints of the autoflowering revolution popped on the scene as early as 1995, with the initially industrial autoflowering strain (Lowryder) hitting the marketplace about 2005.

If you are asking yourself why we’re producing such a significant deal about autoflowering seeds and the plants they generate, study on. In this write-up, we’ll inform you almost everything you will need to know to turn out to be an specialist in autoflowering marijuana.

Photoperiod-Dependent Seeds

Just before we clarify autoflowering seeds, it is crucial that you fully grasp the other side of the cannabis coin.

Photoperiod-dependent seeds (or photoperiodic for brief) are your classic indica, sativa, and hybrid strains with names even the newest of noobs is in all probability familiar with (like Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies).

So what sets these apart from autoflowering seeds? It is all in the name, man. But “photoperiod-dependent” is not the most self-explanatory of monikers.

So let’s dissect and divide in order to superior fully grasp this multi-syllabic monstrosity.

  • Photo means light
  • Period is a length of time
  • Dependent means determined by

Place all that collectively (and add in a handful of extra words for clarity) and you come up with:

Seeds whose flowering point is determined by the length of time they’re exposed to light.

These varieties of seeds respond to modifications in light (i.e., the length of exposure) to “know” when to generate flowers. And the flowers are the issues that all your developing efforts should be aimed at.

Autoflowering marijuana plants

To superior clarify, assume about the summer season and fall seasons. Throughout the longest days of summer season, an outside plant may possibly get 15 hours or extra of sunlight. Right after the summer season solstice, the quantity of hours of daylight decreases.

This is commonly the “cue” for plants to commence flowering. It is the standard developing cycle that farmers have been dealing with for 11,000 years and that you in all probability discovered about in kindergarten (only without having the significant words like photoperiod-dependent).

So now that you are familiar with the fundamentals of typical seeds, let’s introduce the cannabis strain that produced autoflowering seeds achievable.

Cannabis Ruderalis

Cannabis ruderalis is a relative of the indicas and sativas that dominate the shelves at your nearby dispensary. Two issues set it apart from the extra popular species:

  • Ruderalis is regarded feral, which implies that it grows in the wild without having human care.
  • Ruderalis has autoflowering attributes.

It also appears pretty a bit distinct than your typical indica and sativa, but we’re not concerned about that appropriate now. What we are concerned about is that final distinction: autoflowering attributes.

Growers from way back noticed these autoflowering attributes and believed how wonderful it would be to cross these plants with domesticated strains (like Chemdog, Yoda OG, and Kandy Kush) to generate a exceptional set of seeds with the greatest properties of each worlds.

That is exactly where autoflowering seeds come in.

Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana plant

As we touched on in the final section, autoflowering seeds are a mixture of typical indica and sativa strains with ruderalis varieties to generate mature plants that will commence to flower all on their personal.

That is due to the fact autoflowering seeds do not rely on the ratio of light to dark hours (the photoperiod) to switch from vegetative development to flowering development. Rather, their switch depends on age (i.e., quantity of days).

What that implies for the typical grower is that autoflowering seeds and strains do not call for as a lot perform. Now that does not imply that you can just plant the seed and stroll away. There’s nonetheless a lot that goes into nursing a cannabis plant to maturity.

But it does imply that you do not have to be concerned about varying the quantity of light the plants get like you do with photoperiodic seeds.

How To Distinguish Autoflowering Seeds

You cannot inform an autoflowering seed from a typical seed. Similarly, as soon as harvested, you cannot inform a Cherry OG strain from an autoflowering wide variety.

So what’s a discerning cannaseur to do? Appear at the name.

Autoflowering seeds and the solution they generate will commonly have the following words someplace in their name:

  • Ryder (following the OG of autoflowering seeds, Lowryder)
  • Automatic
  • Auto

For instance, you may possibly see a Diesel Automatic, a Northern Light Auto, or even an Afghan Kush Ryder. That is how you can establish a tiny bit extra about exactly where your ganja came from.

And if all else fails, just ask your budtender for facts.

Rewards Of Autoflowering Seeds

Autoflowering marijuana plants

1) Smaller Stature

Most autoflowering strains only typical 19 to 23 inches in height. This tends to make them excellent for developing in little, compact spaces (like your windowsill or finish table).

two) Quick Develop Time

Autoflowering seeds develop immediately, and you can normally anticipate yields in eight or nine weeks. That quick development implies that, with the appropriate organizing, you can get various harvests in the course of a season (even if you are developing outdoors).

three) No Light Exposure Adjust

The most clear advantage of developing autoflowering seeds is that you do not will need to differ the light exposure to induce flowering. You can preserve autoflowering seeds at a 16/eight ratio (16 hours of light/eight hours of darkness) from sprout to harvest.

Disadvantages Of Autoflowering Seeds

1) Low THC Count

Simply because of their ruderalis DNA, autoflowering seeds commonly generate buds with significantly less THC than their photoperiodic cousins. This is not generally the case, but if you are on the hunt for the strongest weed, you should really in all probability skip the autoflowering wide variety.

two) Larger Expense To Develop

Autoflowering seeds will need a lot of light in the course of the flowering phase in order to maximize photosynthesis and develop great buds. That can push your electrical energy bill greater than it may possibly be with photoperiodic strains.

three) Size

Even though the size of autoflowering seeds tends to make them wonderful for developing in tight spaces, their shortness of stature implies you will reap fewer rewards (consumable bud) in the finish.

Autoflowering Seeds And New Growers

Woman growing marijuana autoflowering seeds

Regardless of the cons talked about above, autoflowering seeds are an excellent beginning point for new growers. They permit you to develop a great private cannabis crop without some of the variables (like size and light variation) that make indicas and sativas extra tough.

If you are new to the developing game, we recommend planting a handful of crops of autoflowering seeds to get a really feel for how issues perform.

As soon as you are comfy with the method from commence to finish, tackle a photoperiodic indica or sativa and see if you like varying the light exposure to induce flowering. That way, you will know which strategy superior suits you.

How To Use Autoflowering Seeds

1) Plant Seeds Early And Late

You can plant autoflowering seeds early in the developing season (e.g. March) and in the later months (e.g., September). Of course, it depends on what the climate is like exactly where you reside. To skip more than that variable totally, think about the subsequent step.

two) Develop Autoflowering Seeds Indoors

Autoflowering seeds are excellent for developing indoors. If you manage the heat and the light, you can essentially cultivate plants all year round.

three) Do not Feed Also A lot

Simply because they’re so little and do not devote a lot time in the vegetative stage, you do not will need to feed autoflowering seeds and plants as a lot as you would bigger indicas and sativas.

four) Harvest Sequentially

Rather of harvesting almost everything on the plant at the identical time, you will be superior served to harvest autoflowering plants sequentially from the leading down. Take the colas initially. Then let the decrease buds mature for a though ahead of harvesting.

five) Do not Be Afraid To Overlap

If you began 1 crop of autoflowering seeds, do not be afraid to plant a different batch though the initially is nonetheless in the vegetative stage. If you overlap in this way, you can get various crops in a fairly brief quantity of time.

Strategies For Receiving The Most From Your Autoflowering Seeds

Marijuana buds

If you want to get began developing your personal photo-dependent or autoflowering seeds — or you have currently got a handful of crops beneath your belt and you just want to ideal your method — verify out our super-informative guides:

  • How To Develop Marijuana: The Ultimate Organic Guide
  • Organic Marijuana: The Definitive Guide

There you will locate almost everything you will need to know to get the most out of your cannabis plants, no matter if they are sativa, indica, ruderalis, or hybrids.

In the meantime, right here are some distinct ideas for making a hardy crop of autoflowering seeds:

  • Assemble all of your supplies initially.
  • Find out how to make compost.
  • Start off with the appropriate soil.
  • Retain a grower’s journal to track your plants’ progress.
  • Find out how to pH-balance your water.
  • Do not overwater.
  • Do not underwater.
  • Spend close consideration to the leaves for indicators of distress.
  • Study up on the seven crucial stages of the marijuana plant life cycle.
  • Recognize when it is time to trim and harvest by examining the pistil hairs.
  • Do not skip the curing phase.
  • Shop your bud properly.

Just keep in mind, no two environments are precisely the identical (no matter how tough we attempt). Do not be afraid to experiment with your autoflowering seeds and uncover what performs greatest for you and your plants.

For extra information and facts on all issues cannabis and to verify out our 100-% all-organic marijuana merchandise, stop by today.

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