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Produced in 1992 by Severe seeds, AK-47 is a planet Cannabis Cup winner – taking dwelling the gold for its higher THC content material. Getting a Sativa dominant hybrid, AK-47 produces generous buds that are covered in a blanket of frost. Do not let its violent name fool you the effects of AK-47 prove just the opposite. You will be left with a relaxed and mellow feeling along with becoming mentally alert, engaged and inventive, great for chilled social activities. 1st time customers beware! AK-47 packs a punch, smoke as well a lot and you finish up in “couch-lock”. For the superior portion even though, you will be left feeling uplifted, peaceful and euphoric so love the ride.


Genetically speaking, AK-47 is 65% Sativa and 35% Indica. Initially bread from a Columbian landrace and then crossed with some Thai and Mexican cannabis strains, AK-47 gets her Indica qualities from the Afghani genetic pool.  With earthy and sour aromas, AK-47 has a sweet and floral note that can only be recognised with taste. This hypnotic mixture of skunk, diesel, pepper and citrus leaves you in a cloud of relaxation.

Smell, taste and appear 

Let’s get started with the bud itself, smell that AK-47 nug. All you smell is a zesty, skunky-like musk that is peppered with hints of sage, sandalwood, pine and ridden with citrus undertones. The AK-47 aroma is capped with a pungent diesel-like finish. Definitely scrumptious!

Tasting AK-47, as soon as you have crushed it up, rolled, and are prepared to smoke… Be ready for a sturdy earth-centric flavour profile as you inhale. The exhale is savoury and displays a much more petroleum-primarily based profile. Bear in thoughts that the taste will differ slightly based on how the bud was grown, indoors vs. outdoors.

AK-47 Effects

 Lots of individuals take benefit of this strain’s relaxing effects, made by nature to relieve symptoms of anxiousness and tension. Nonetheless, when as well a lot is consumed – AK-47 will leave you with a feeling of paranoia. Outdoors of the normal dry mouth and eyes, AK-47 is excellent for day-time and evening-time use. Medically speaking, this strain has a verified track record in relieving symptoms of nausea, vomiting and insomnia. AK-47 acts as a mood stabiliser for individuals that endure from Bipolar disorder. General this weed strain is excellent for feeling chilled and productive.

Development and seed info

 AK-47 grows tight buds covered in a crystal coat of resin with incredibly small leaves. It is an simple to develop plant which tends to make it one particular of the most common strains to develop. Its medium height implies that it can create medium to heavy yields very speedily. Good quality without the need of any compromise implies that AK-47 is appropriate for each industrial grows and dwelling use.

For these of you that are hoping to fill your garden with this resinous and skunky hybrid, you really should know that it is advised to set up an indoor atmosphere. Soil or hydroponic setups can function for this style of developing. These are some of the most common designs of developing weed for each healthcare and recreational use.  Flowering occasions for indoor grows typical 50-65 days and based on the circumstances, AK-47 has a standard yield of 300-500 grams per square meter. AK-47’s odour can get out of manage while developing so carbon filters are extremely advised.

Strains that are very related to AK-47 are Cream 47, White Russian and Automatic AK-47.










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