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November 20, 2018

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November 21, 2018

The 710 King Pen cartridge has been upgraded along with its packaging. There’s a lot of useful details about it on the back of its box now. Although 710 king pen made some changes to their vape cart it still lacks the vaping efficiency of others on the market. I found this prefilled oil cartridge for sale on eaze.com. Keep reading to learn more about why I won’t be buying this prefilled vape cartridge again.

710 King Pen Has Medium Strength THC oil

The packaging claims its 78% THC, but it feels like that isn’t accurate. I tried a long list of prefilled vape cartridges that are labeled less THC and they felt stronger than this 710 king pen. This cannabis oil is not Iak by no means. Anyone who has a low tolerance will quickly reach a nice high from vaping one to two hits. Those who want a more intense high from their THC oil cartridge will not like the new 710 king pen cartridges.

The dosage amounts are listed on the packaging box. Each full vape from this 710 King pen is equal to 2.60mg. Unfortunately, this vape cartridge is not a half gram and instead is less than that. The total amount of THC listed on the 710 King Pen box is 390mg. This is not the only prefilled cartridge company that has started selling loIr amounts of THC oil. I would buy the THC oil if it came in a syringe like PURE vape, and if it was for a more loIr price than its cartridges.

THC oil flavor is the best thing about it

The cannabis oil from 710 King Pen has some great tasting vape. Its even better tasting in a vape cartridge that can allow big hits. The flavor was definitely the best feature discovered in this 710 King Pen review. However, the flavor alone isn’t enough to justify its high price. There is better flavor from other vape cartridges for sale at lower prices.

Expsenive vape cartridge

I paid $40 for what I thought was a half gram, but upon closer inspection I discovered it was actually only 390mg. I was disappointed with the lower weight of THC oil for sale at a price that a half gram would typically cost. This 710 King pen cartridge was purchased from Eaze.com, a California company that delivers quickly but at a premium cost. This oil cartridge shouldn’t cost more than $25.00 for the price and cartridge functionality. Because of the amount of cannabis oil and the price I won’t be buying this vape cartridge again.

710 King Pen Lab Test Failed For Their Previous Cartridges.

Unforunately, this THC oil cartridge company failed a lab test earlier this year. It wasn’t for their new cartridge but still, there is no lab test data available provided by them. We will update the lab test results to reflect their new roll out of prefilled cartridges. The lab test we provided was done by an individual on his own dime which isn’t cheap. Lab test for cannabis concentrate can require up to 2 grams and cost up to $500 dollars. Lab test for THC oil can be a lengthy process and require up to a month for the results.

710 King pen lab test results

Not A Good Vape Cartridge Upgrade

It’s not that this vape cartridge had any problems with hitting, but it was the small clouds it produced that was the issue. This oil cartridge design was disliked so much that concentrate inside of it was transferred into a better ceramic cartridge. Another flaw from the 710 King Pen cartridge is that it will not vape the entire THC oil, its not very much left but its enough to annoy.

Unfortunately, this vape cartridge design holds back its THC oil full potential from being unlocked. This is simply because after transferring it to a better ceramic vape cartridge, I was able to get more of a higher high from the bigger hits. Being able to take larger dosages at once really makes a big difference in the high that can be reached.

710 King Pen Cartridge Review

710 King Pen Cartridge Review



This prefilled vape cartridge has some good THC oil and that’s it. The oil cartridge lacks the ability to vape large size clouds.

THC oil strength

THC oil taste

THC oil price

Vape cartridge efficiency

Lab Test Results

710 King Pen Vape Cartridge Review

This prefilled vape cartridge has some good THC oil and that’s it. The oil cartridge lacks the ability to vape large size clouds.

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