15 Exciting Items to do with/for your Stoner Sweetie on Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s day is tomorrow, and you could possibly be racking your brain attempting to figure out what you are going to do for your particular stoner sweetie to celebrate the day. If your thoughts (or wallet) are totally tapped, you can constantly attempt some of these entertaining factors to do. Make certain that you, ahem, prep accordingly.

Roll them a joint

Nothing at all says adore very like rolling a joint for your sweetie and smoking it with them. I know that when I come in by way of the door right after a lengthy day at the workplace, I would substantially rather my companion have a joint or a bowl loaded for me than hand me flowers. There’s only one particular type of flower I want and it ain’t roses.

Attempt Out that Cannabis Lube

Research have been accomplished displaying that cannabis can assist seriously enhance your sex life by rising the physical sensation and producing you really feel closer to your companion or partners. This is why there has been an influx in cannabis solutions with a a lot more erotic objective, such as cannabis lube. I haven’t attempted it but  because I preserve considering about how badly particular strains give me cottonmouth and do not want to practical experience that in other locations. A person attempt it and inform me irrespective of whether or not it is worth it.

Clean their Bong

I hate cleaning my pieces, so if a person had been to do this for me I would definitely be ready to give them my heart forever, if only since it could possibly imply that I do not have to clean my bong any longer. I’m kidding of course! Perhaps. Clean my bong for me and we’ll discover out.

Have a Fat Bong Bowl Waiting

As quickly as your stoner sweetie walks in by way of the door you really should have a fat bong bowl prepared for them. It shows actual consideration for your companion, particularly because no one particular likes to go to perform anyway. This is the time when they have to have the sweet embrace of Mary Jane the most!

Get Higher and Watch your Favourite Stoner Comedy

If you have neither the want or suggests to go out for Valentine’s day, there are nonetheless lots of entertaining factors you can do with your stoner sweetie. I do not know about you, but it is definitely frigid in the location of the nation I’m in. I know quite a few of you are in the very same boat I’m in. If it is far as well cold for you to go out, the two of you can constantly get genuinely higher, wrap up in some blankets and watch your favourite stoner comedy! You can verify right here for some inspiration!

Challenge Every Other at Video Games

Video games are hella entertaining when you are baked, particularly when you are playing with a particular a person (even if they suck). Embrace every single other’s competitive sides and kick every single other’s asses in an old college fighting game like Mortal Kombat.

Shotgun hits are entertaining as lengthy as you do not take as well large of a hit! Image Supply: avvo.com

Take Shotgun Hits With Every Other

This is entertaining and attractive when you do it properly. It can be a comprehensive disaster if either of you do not know what you are performing. Do not do this with giant bong rips, unless you are completely ready to deal with the consequences.

Get Baked and Cook a Meal Collectively

I adore cooking and I particularly adore performing it when I’m baked. Cooking a fantastic meal collectively can be a genuinely enjoyable and sensual activity for the two of you to do collectively, a prelude to later events, if you will. Of course based on the strain the two of you smoke, you may perhaps just finish up producing some ridiculous stoner snack meals and giggling all the way by way of the procedure. Each outcomes sound good to me!

Edible Chocolates!

Valentine’s day is all about one particular point: chocolates! The only point that would make me happier than obtaining chocolates for Valentine’s day would be obtaining edible chocolates. You get bonus points if they are homemade.

Smoke a Bowl and Make them a Present

I’ve never ever genuinely been substantially into purchasing my Valentine’s day gifts. Homemade factors have constantly been a lot more of my style. Acquiring baked and producing arts and crafts has constantly been one particular of my favourite activities, particularly for the duration of the dreary days of winter. Your stoner sweetie will appreciate the time and work you have place into producing the present, and you will have entertaining performing it!

Chill out and Listen to Some Music

Who does not adore listening to fantastic music when they’re baked? Place on some of your favourite tunes, roll a couple fatties and get cozy on the couch. Sharing a connection more than music is a lot more meaningful to me than any jewelry or flowers (no not that type).

Take a Trip to the Dispensary

As a cannabis enthusiast, going to the dispensary is one particular of my favourite activities. It is not the most romantic date concept ever, but you can discover a neat present for your stoner sweetie, and/or a new strain to attempt collectively.

Get a New Bong

What could be a lot more romantic than purchasing for a new bong collectively? You are certain to discover one particular the each of you will appreciate. Verify out our choice appropriate right here!

Go on a Space Cruise

If you are a small low on funds and are nonetheless seeking for adventure, you could constantly go on a space cruise, that is take a drive to one particular of your favourite spots, smoke up a bit, hang out and drive back when you are prepared.

Attempt a New Meals

I adore obtaining higher and consuming meals. Nothing at all enhances the taste of some scrumptious meals a lot more than smoking some weed, particularly if it is a dish you haven’t attempted ahead of! Attempt a new recipe at household or go verify out that new location that just opened up in your neighborhood!

Image Supply: International Highlife

Got any other entertaining suggestions for Valentine’s day? Inform us in the comments beneath!


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