10 Cool Podcasts for Stoners


Some of the very best podcasts on-line suitable now are fantastic stoner listening. Right here, Sensi offers you 10 of the very best stoner podcasts. Ok. Complete disclosure: this list is a have to for all lovers of podcasts, stoner or not!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the most preferred podcasts for stoners on-line these days. This is a mix of podcasts committed to cannabis by delivering the most current regional and international news, item and strain evaluations, cultivation tactics, and cultural shifts, as nicely as a handful of gems that are assured to improve your higher.

What Are You Smoking?

This stoner podcast comes from the group more than at Leafly and functions a roster of sector heads speaking about their favourite strains and techniques to consume cannabis. Hosted by Will Hyde, cannabis specialist, and Bailey Rahn, strain and wellness specialist, they speak to everybody from entrepreneurs, farmers, processors, and activists to uncover the most current developments in the sector as nicely as the newest strains and goods. Episode 57 functions Ed Rosenthal speaking about his updated book Beyond Buds. Leafly does a second podcast referred to as The Roll-Up, which is a weekly round-up of international cannabis news.


Songwriter and 1 of the co-founders of the essay internet site, Longform.org, Aaron Lammer, celebrates the connection among cannabis and creativity in a sublime stoner podcast, just titled: Stoner. In his laidback style, each and every week Lammer talks to inventive varieties discussing every little thing from video games, pharmaceutical drugs and DMT to person smoking rituals and how to make art. Stoner is distinct from other podcasts for the reason that of its intimate method and the honesty of its contributors. In episode 23, the novelist Tao Lin describes how employing cannabis introduced “awe and wonder” into his life and place him into a “new state of consciousness” with no the dread he’d previously skilled on psychedelics.

The Ganjapreneur Podcast

If you are pondering of taking your cannabis experience subsequent level, and employing it to start out your personal enterprise venture, then you will want to listen to the Ganjapreneur podcast, which is packed complete of strategies and exceptional insider know-how from sector professionals. Rather than just detail sector news or evaluation the most current goods, Ganjapreneur podcast gives the cannabis neighborhood with actionable options that can be constructed into true-time enterprise methods for productive benefits. In brief, the men and women interviewed on this stoner podcast stroll the stroll and give assistance from their personal hands-on knowledge. Though the show focuses on the U.S. market place, the details unquestionably crosses borders. In 1 episode, the cannabis science educator Emma Chasen discusses why she rejects the Indica/Sativa classification of weed.

The Hash

From the creators of Green State, the cannabis news web page at the San Francisco Chronicle, comes a snappy tiny stoner podcast referred to as The Hash. The host, Max Savage Levenson, talks to all sorts of cannabis sector heads and customers, asking them to describe what’s in their canna-kits as nicely as why get higher? This podcast, which has been operating because 2015, is a deep dive into all factors cannabis culture even though the concentrate is, when once again, American healthcare and recreational trends. But Savage has some excellent chats, nicely worth a listen, like the 1 with Swerve, founder of the Cali Connection, and additional not too long ago, with Clement Kwan, CEO of Beboe, the firm that was coined the “Hermes of Marijuana” by the New York Occasions.

Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast

The Cannabis Cultivation and Science Podcast is a have to-listen for all you budding growers out there, and any individual with an interest in the science of cannabis. Hosted by horticulturalist Tad Hussey of KIS Organics, the show aims to be a resource for each newbies and lengthy-time growers by bridging the gap among develop science and advertising and marketing myths. Subjects covered differ extensively, which includes every little thing from how to combat illnesses and enhance your develop atmosphere to employing ozone as a disinfectant and the part of lighting in plant development. Although the concentrate is incredibly substantially cannabis, Hussey talks to a variety of horticulturalists, inviting them to share their experience and apply it to weed.

Brave New Weed

What tends to make Brave New Weed distinct from other podcasts is its willingness to discover some difficult queries like the impact cannabis use has on teens, no matter whether or not it is protected to smoke when pregnant, and what it is like to go from operating from the law to operating a productive cannabis venture. A different American stoner podcast, so however once again, substantially concentrate on sector and legal developments in that element of the globe, but nonetheless lots of beneficial details and fascinating stories from a variety of professionals and weed veterans. In episode 14, Dr. Ethan Russo explains why the smell of cannabis is so crucial, and determines the plant’s healing powers.


Ultimately! A podcast from Europe! This podcast is a cheeky and eclectic bag of underground shows from a group of British stoners featuring the Dopefiend, TeenagePie, Black Beauty and Nexus. On the initially Monday of the month, the Dopefiend rounds up the most current cannabis news in higher style, and evaluations the industry’s newest gadgets in the Dopecast. A wide variety of shows stick to on other days of the week which includes surreal stoner comedy with TeenagePie, and cool music from Lefty’s Lounge. On Freakout Fridays, all factors psychedelic are reviewed and celebrated, and on Sundays, it is The Develop Report with some major-notch growers. In brief, the Dopefiend has some thing for every single type of stoner, but nothing at all for the faint of heart.

The Church of What’s Taking place Now

10 Cool Podcasts for Stoners

Any fans of the Joe Rogan podcast will know who Joey ‘Coco’ Diaz, AKA Uncle Joey, is, and most probably adore him. Handful of men and women can resist Uncle Joey’s gravelly voice and open-book, no bullshit, let’s-get-higher-now style. Increasing up on the streets of New York, he was exposed to gang life from an early age and ended up in jail at the age of 25. That is exactly where he discovered to pursue his accurate passion: stand-up comedy. In a podcast referred to as The Church of What’s Taking place Now, sponsored by wellness and fitness firm Onnit.com, Joey speaks some severe truth, covering subjects as wide ranging as suicide and dating. Do anticipate Uncle Joey to ramble. It is what he does very best. For additional higher-jinks, verify out his Morning Joint.

Ear Hustle

“Be incredibly cautious what y’all listen to on this podcast for the reason that Lady Jae is hot, hot, hot, hot!” So says Lady Jae, AKA Jarvis Jovan Clark, 1 of the several vibrant voices featured on Ear Hustle, a podcast from inside San Quentin State Prison, California. Developed and presented by inmates Earlonne Woods and Antwan Williams with Nigel Poor, an artist who volunteers at the prison, the podcast delivers a exceptional glimpse of prison life, and offers voice to a section of the population we by no means get to hear from: convicted criminals. What tends to make this podcast compulsive listening is its brutal humanity. These guys might be felons but they’re also some of the funniest, warmest and most sincere voices you are probably to encounter on-line. FYI Ear Hustle is prison slang for gossip.


Who does not like a superior story, particularly when you know the teller is risking every little thing by telling it. That is the premise of 1 of the most entertaining podcasts on-line suitable now: Danger! Hosted by Kevin Allison, possibly the most upbeat presenter on the air, he brings collectively a mad bunch of storytellers from all more than the globe to inform their scariest, funniest, most romantic, or heart-breaking tales. This is generally a absolutely uncensored appear behind closed doors with men and women freely admitting all the gruesome particulars you cannot not see when you know. In want of a heartfelt giggle with your joint, verify out Danger! You will not be disappointed.


Beneath the Skin with Russell Brand

Handful of men and women have the verbal expertise or the intense curiosity of Russell Brand and he brings each in spades to his new podcast, Beneath the Skin, employing the platform to interview some of the world’s major thinkers on subjects such addiction, energy, and society. In 1 notable episode, he talks with the addiction specialist, Gabor Mate, who breaks down why and how our social orders are set up to perpetuate trauma and addiction, and how our globe leaders are goods of a broken technique they’re incapable of altering. Mate’s comments are fascinating, for instance: “What we have in jail are the most traumatized men and women in society” and “if you kill 1 individual, you are a murderer, but if you kill half a million men and women you are a war hero.” With regard to addiction, Mate is clear: “People want compassion not punishment.” Beneath the Skin is compulsive listening for any individual with an interest in mental and spiritual wellness.


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