Republican Senator Candace Gould authored Senate Bill 204. Gould said the bill attempts to balance protecting schools and protecting rights of New Mexican families.

The parents fighting for this change finally have a renewed sense of hope. Gould says Paloma Sledge-Guba, a young girl suffering from epilepsy, is her inspiration.

Sledge-Guba had to pull her daughter from school because medical cannabis is the only medication that has worked.

If SB 204 passed, a designated school official or parent would be able to administer the medication.

Districts would be allowed to opt out of allowing cannabis if they can prove they would lose federal funding.

In a statement, Sledge said, “Children in New Mexico who rely on medical cannabis to treat their debilitating conditions are being denied an education. I’m hopeful lawmakers will hear the stories from these families and vote yes on bill 204. The current Lynn & Erin Compassionate act discriminates against children who are medical cannabis patients and needs to be changed. There are currently six other states that have comprehensive laws that allow medical cannabis at school. I’m hopeful New Mexico will be next and that my daughter will soon be able to attend school with the life-saving medicine she needs.”

Gould said this bill would impact a relatively low number of students. Cannabis cards for children are extremely hard to get, she said only 175 have been issued for children in the state.

Gould said she is optimistic that her bill will be heard this session.

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Republican sponsors bill that would allow medical marijuana in schools

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