Strain Spotlight: New York City Diesel

New York City Diesel, also known as Soma Sour Diesel offers the type of quality that can win the cannabis cup. The pungent diesel aroma combines with citrus notes to create a surprisingly mild and tasty flavor. It technically qualifies as a hybrid, which makes a lot of sense. New York City Diesel contains a lot of the best qualities from both indicas and sativas. This strain is clearly the product of thoughtful and skilled bud growing.

Lineage of New York City Diesel

New York City Diesel is a fairly balanced hybrid, but does lean a little bit more toward the sativa side. It’s a 60% sativa-dominant mixture of two great landrace strains. It gets most of its sativa properties from the Mexican landrace, and is balanced out with indica feelings from the Afghani landrace. A hybrid of this depth takes a long time to create, so don’t pass on your opportunity to enjoy this great new strain of cannabis.

Strain Effects

The taste, aroma, and appearance of New York City Diesel are delicious. When it comes right down to it, though, most people are using cannabis for the effects, and this strain does not disappoint. Thanks to its hybrid mixture, it’s a great daytime smoke for anyone who normally gets a little bit too paranoid with sativas.

The most common outcomes reported by consumers of New York City Diesel are of the uplifted variety. A euphoric happiness gives people the right amount of energy, but the relaxing components of this flower prevent them from getting overly paranoid or anxious. The most common side effect is dry mouth, and to a lesser extent, dry eyes.

The simultaneously soothing and exciting effects make this a good choice for lots of medical patients. It can relieve stress and pain, and it also helps people who have suffered from a lack of appetite. In other words, prepare for a serious case of the munchies when you smoke New York City Diesel.

Where to Find New York City Diesel

By now, you’re probably starting to realize that New York City Diesel should be on your radar when it comes to new buds to try. Visit us at Chronic Therapy to find it, along with other mind-blowing hybrids. Our budtenders are educated enough to help you find just the right flower, and friendly enough to help you enjoy the experience. Come and see us today!

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Strain Spotlight: New York City Diesel