Six people were arrested in connection to trafficking almost 500 pounds of marijuana from California to Jacksonville as part of “Operation Going Back to Cali,” according to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Tuesday.

During the investigation, officers seized 498.35 pounds of marijuana, 147.65 pounds of marijuana vapor inhalers, $15,741 and one firearm.

The investigation began back in August when JSO was contacted by a narcotic’s task force from Marin County, Calif. The task force informed JSO that Jacksonville resident Percy Williamson, 33, was buying marijuana in California then it shipping to Jacksonville to be sold.

An investigation into Williamson revealed he was on probation for delivering marijuana and routinely traveled between Sacramento and Jacksonville, JSO said. In November, deputies say Williamson was purchasing the marijuana then shipping it to Jacksonville where he would sell it by the pound.

Four search warrants were prepared by detectives on Nov. 12 for locations associated with Williamson’s trafficking organization. The locations were:

  • 7651 Gate Pkwy #1605, the primary location for Williamson’s operation, according to police
  • 301 E. Bay St. #401, Williamson’s primary residence
  • 1141 Kendall Town Dr., where JSO says was the known meeting location for Williamson’s associates
  • 2179 Alpha Romero Dr., the delivery location for the marijuana, according to police

At the delivery location on Alpha Romero, JSO says detectives saw Williamson removing about 20 wrapped cylinder shaped objects from a shipping container. The items were then transported to the primary storage location at Gate Parkway, where detectives served a search warrant. It was there JSO said Williamson and two other associates were unloading the suspected marijuana into an apartment.

Williams was arrested along with suspects Terrell Tarver, 36, Briana Parison, 24, Javon Cummings, 33, Zoey Maddox, 27, and Sierra Green, 24.


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Six people arrested for trafficking nearly 500 pounds of marijuana to Jacksonville from California