September 07, 2018

Facts and data often help in busting myths and disapproving stereotypes. For instance, it is a widely accepted assumption that cannabis is primarily a drug of youngsters. However, a recent survey reveals something else. The study commissioned by the National Survey on Drug Use and Health suggests the use of weed among the senior population of the country has been significantly increased in recent years.

The surveyors asked several drugs-related questions from the cohort of 17,608 adults 50 and above. The researchers have drawn multiple inferences and identified several trends from the collective response of the group. For instance, the rate of cannabis use among this age group is steadily increasing in some last couple of years.

According to the final results, the use of cannabis among citizens aged between 50 and 64 rose by 9% in 2015-2016. In the same time period, the prevalence of marijuana consumption among citizens 65 and above increased by 2.9%.

Cannabis consumption among seniors

Cannabis consumption among seniors – Image powered by

Since it was not only about cannabis consumption among seniors, therefore the survey also asked questions regarding nicotine dependence, alcohol disorder, cocaine use and abuse of prescriptions drugs. It has also been found out that the prevalence of other addictive tendencies is higher among cannabis users.

These results are pretty interesting if we compare them with the surveys about cannabis consumption among the young population. For instance, a recent study has concluded that the presence of cannabis stores in the vicinity of schools hasn’t affected the rate of consumption among high schoolers.

Similarly, another survey, conducted a few weeks ago, suggests that the use of cannabis among youngsters has been declined in California. Even after the commencement of legal adult-use sales in the Golden State, the trend hasn’t changed much. These findings hold true for another legal state as well. For example, the last year study found out that the use of marijuana among teens has declined in the pioneer weed-legal state of Colorado since marijuana became legal there.

So, all these studies, polls and surveys dispel the widespread claim that cannabis legalization will culminate into increased and unrestrained use of weed among young people. On the other hand, the facts from recent times clearly indicating that seniors now consume more weed as compared to the past.

Why are more seniors consuming cannabis?

More seniors consuming cannabis

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Besides consuming cannabis as part of their unhealthy routine that also includes other fixations, the use of cannabis among seniors has also increased because of the therapeutic benefits of the strain. CBD, a cannabinoid abundantly present in cannabis flower, is known to provide relief to chronic pain, symptoms of schizophrenia and other diseases that mostly affect senior population.

The prevalence of MMJ legalization all across the country has also facilitated the increased use of the strain among seniors. As of now, the medicinal use of cannabis has been legalized in 30 states and most of this development has taken place in the last couple of years.

So, all the increased use of cannabis among old citizens can’t be attributed to addiction. Many are administrating it solely for therapeutic reasons.


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