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Cannabis for Brazilian Pets and Their Humans

A bill (369/2021) to allow veterinarians to prescribe cannabis products has been introduced in Brazil’s Chamber of Deputies. Under the terms of the bill, products must be authorized by the […]

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Sour OG Strain Review

Sour OG Cannabis Strain You might be looking at the classic strain called Headband in its improved sense in this Sour OG strain review. We will be looking into the […]

Snowman Strain Review

Snowman Cannabis Strain In this Snowman strain review, we’ll be taking a look at the GSC phenotype known as Berner’s Snowman. Berner, the famous cannabis breeder, and musician have brought […]

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What Are the Best CBD Vape Pens?

Have you been reading up on CBD products, but you still need to know what makes the best CBD Vape Pens? We understand how exhausting it gets shuffling through countless […]